A night in the morgue.

By London Lucky Talbot ✍️

Ozor sat in fear being driven in an ambulance for the first time as its siren blast through the quiet empty streets in an early hour of the morning.

He sat with a cold-dead damsel lying beside him covered with a white clothe. He was dramatically shaking in fear, a fear that would later be colonized by a high driving sexual urge.

He newly got this job of bathing dead people and cleaning a morgue after roaming round the streets for years without a job, he settled in for a mortuary attendant job within the outskirts of his town.

They arrived at the morgue, carried the corpse inside and laid her on a bed-like long table, and left her for some hours without dihydrating her yet just in case heaven and hell reject her soul.

Few hours later, he was left to keep an eye on all the dead bodies in the morgue, the females especially - just in case one of them decides to leave the morgue for a night prostitution. Yeh, they normally did. It wasn't some superstitions, which even accelerated his fear the more.

He tiptoe into the hall where these corpses were lying peacefully. He walked toward the one they brought in hours ago, took off the white clothe she was covered with - as his eyes sparkled with suprise:

The girl was as beautiful as Nadia Buari, fair in complexion, with lips succulent and pink like some Caucasian girl. Then, he took his eyes off her face to her chest: a pair of bossom the size of a watermelon with dark nipples standing erect to his face as if they would spit out some juicy 'hoil' milk.

He felt an irresistible stupid urge to squeeze them - at least let him know how it feels to fondle succulent tits even if they were dead.

The mumu pervert did, and his penis stretched out angrily wondering what could have woken him up from his peaceful slumber.

He couldn't help it any more as he felt his penis almost poking out through his underwear spitting some liquid on his trousers.

He pressed the bossom harder like a pornstar about to go down with some Mia khalifa. His hands travelled down her groins, to her vagina and succulent thighs.

He felt good, he had had fantasies of sexing his sexy crush whom he never had the courage to approach, but he had never sexed in his life but had always been a desperate weirdo - pervert ever since he was introduced to bangbros by his buddies.

He swung his right leg over the dead beauty as he started humping on her, squeezing her bossom until his penis got stronger with desperate veins around it pulsing hard.

He slotted it in with his hand as his manly prowess got to work - a work it had never done physically, only with some pomades and groundnut oil as he imagined mouth-gaping posterior slamming hard on his penis.

Yes, groundnut oil, it was that bad.

He was grinding hard, finally doing the real thing, and unexpectedly, the dead damsel GASPED, he could feel her breathing as his black moistened body pressed against hers.

She moaned loudly, louder, squinted and wrapped her hands around him squeezing him tightly and locking her legs on him. The mumu was still lost in his stupid oblivion, till she initiated a change of style - that was when his sane mind returned home from the land filled with oil and honey.

He screeched at the top of his lungs as his cracked voice echoed in the gloomy dead hall. He jolted out quickly grabbing his trousers and as he turned his back to run, he saw all the dead bodies standing uprightly , laughing demonically at him and staggering toward him like some walking dead, swimming their arms in the midair.

His memory went kaboom, and darkness swallowed the scene.



©️ London Lucky Talbot ✍️

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