By London Lucky Talbot ✍️

In the middle of a windy night, I felt something dead tap my leg while I was asleep. I jolted up at the instant, rubbing my heavy eyes totally oblivious of my surroundings.

I saw a pair of yellow eyes looking at me from the window. I was petrified. Then it occurred to me that my window was opened which I pondered on how it was opened because I remembered closing it before going to bed.

The room was as dark as hell, I had put off the lightbulb before flopping on the bed. I stood up touching the wall for the light switch and I could see the pair of yellow eyes following me. My hand fumbled on the switch but it won't turn on no matter how I tried.

Then, nature helped me as the thunder rumbled accompanied by lightening that flashed the thing on my window and I could see it clearly, it was an owl, a black one.

No matter how fierce the wind was, the mysterious owl won't fly away, it was there looking at me without moving a feather.

With fear, I fell back on my bed and I felt something poke me, digging into my butt cheek. I turned my neck to see what it was, and my fear was amplified. It was aunty Tolu, my mother's younger sister who recently moved in with us. But I didn't remember her being there when I woke up.

With the same boiling fear, I looked at the window but the owl was gone.

There had been stories in the neighborhood of people dying mysteriously every night without being sick the night before. But no one could fathom and unravel the cause of their deaths.

I woke up with the taste of blood in my tongue, my body aching and my feets and fingers all splotched with mud. That wasn't the first time, it had been happening ever since aunty Tolu moved in with us.

As a vulnerable young girl, I was naive and quiet. My mum said: even as a toddler, I never once cried for other kids' candy or behave like those kids throwing tantrum whenever they are infuriated. I was that adorable little angel.

My mum was a nag but she switches mood sometimes. She portrayed the African parents syndrome well, and she was always fond of her sister, aunty Tolu which made it even more difficult for me to tell her about the demon parading around as aunty Tolu.

I was the closest to aunty Tolu, so I didn't know when she initiated me into her demonic fraternity.

After seeing black fur on her back when she asked me to help her hook her bra, and seeing her waggling a tale when I peeped at her whenever she was taking a bath, my blood congealed in fear but I couldn't tell anyone, I felt I was going to betray my kind.

I'd seen her turn into a cat, sometimes an owl flying and roaming around the neighborhood sucking life out of innocent people. But aunty Tolu was a family, and I couldn't say anything bad about a family member.

Then, one night I saw myself flying with her. Damn! I was an owl, and it felt heaven flying!

After feasting on the vulnerable neighborhood by landing on their rooftops and scratching it with our paws, we flew back home to end the mission for the night, but we met our worst nightmare; our bodies were turned onto their stomachs, we couldn't get back into them because we left our bodies when they were lying on their backs. My too caring mother had walked into our room and seeing us lying like corpses petrified her, so she turned us onto our stomachs.

There was no where left for us to fly to, so we went flying round the neighborhood giving my mum enough time to turn us back onto our backs.

As we were flying, aunty Tolu collided with a crow which they wrestled and fell on a roof and to the ground. They were quickly surrounded by the town's vigilantes and beaten to death with their heavy sticks, as if they knew they were witches.

I flew back home in fear and in pain. It was almost dawn and I was already turned onto my back. My mum was holding me in her arms, praying madly with a pastor by her side. She had figured out that our pulses were dead.

I quickly entered my body, and with the thunderous powerful prayers, I was delivered from the demonic fraternity till eternity.



©️ London Lucky Talbot ✍️

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