Boomerang (Episode 5)

BOOMERANG(Episode 5)

By Nella Dirim

 About a month later,Holly sat at the table eating lunch.She was home for break after her exams.She had stayed some weeks at school and her parents especially her dad had insisted she comes back.They were scared of the mischiefs and mayhem of students especially after exams.Things would have been different,if they had another child.So after much persuasions,Holly had no other choice than to go home.
   And today she sat nibbling at her food.Suddenly,her stomach convulsed and she ran to the toilet.Reeling forward,she fell to her knees,vomiting.And then,emptied on her hands and knees,teeth chattering with cold.
    "Christ!"She screamed."What am I going to do now?I know I was not supposed to come home.My parents will skin me alive if they find out."She said to her herself and then looked at the food she had just eaten and thrown up in the toilet sink.
     For the past few days,she  had been throwing away food because the smell of food made her feel so queasy.
    She have to be very careful so that they don't get to find out .She said to herself . But how long am I going to hide this? Benjamin or Bennie,what ever you call yourself.It shall never be well with you.She swore loudly.
    "Holly."That was the calm voice of her mother.
    She turned immediately in shock,her mind spinning in dread.She didn't even know when she had entered the toilet.Who knows how long she had been standing there.
     "Mother."She replied,her voice was quaky.
      "Why are you crying?And what's the problem?"
       "Me?"She did not realize that tears were streaming down her face until she heard her mother ask her that.Tgen she touched her face and found out too.
   "Tell me,Holly?What's the problem?"
    "I'm fine,mother."
    "Don't tell me that!"She retorted."Don't even go there.You know I'm not blind.I've been observing you.You act so weird and distant.You look pale and weak and you hardly eat, Holly."
     By then Holly was already sobbing audibly.
        "Talk to me.We can solve the problem."
      Holly knew her time was up.Her mother peered at the waste on the sink and on her face again.
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        "I'm listening ." Her mother said as she touched her cheeks and felt her pulse.
         "I'm p-preg--nant." She stammered.
      Her mother removed her hand from her cheek as if she was stung by a bumblebee.Colour drained from her face.She looked as if she was going to fall.
     "What did you just say?"
     "Mummy,I'm sorry."
     "Holly,  you've killed me.You have finally destroyed us and brought shame on us.Yoi got yourself pregnant for a useless boy?"She wailed and broke into sobs as tears streaked down her cheeks.
    "Mother,I'm sorry.Please forgive me."
   Her statement was replied with a slap firstly.
      "Shut up before I rearrange your dental formula.I thought you were a wise girl."Kate cried ,her voice choked with so much emotion.
     They were oblivious of another presence in the room,until he grabbed Holly and flung her to the wall.
     "Sylvester,she is our only child.Please don't kill her for me."The poor mother ran over to where her daughter lay.
     "How can your daughter bring so much shame?What will people say?" That was her father.His eyes were so cruel and hard."How fast could you forget that I am a deacon in the church.Did you also forget that I am the chairman of the church council?Did you also forget the offices I hold in the society?"
     Mrs Kate would have started nagging at him for calling Holly her daughter because she had misbehaved if it had been a minor case.If she starts up this argument on why he would always refer to her as her daughter once it's in a bad time but as his daughter when she does something great,she knew it would leave him more annoyed and infuriated.So she had to let the sleeping dog lie.
     "Please,my husband forgive her.She's just a child who has been misled by an infidel.We have to salvage the situation."She pleaded, kneeling before her husband.
     He would have killed her that day if it was left for him to decide.But he loved his wife so much and never toyed with her.Her tears and apology melted his heart and made his anger subside a bit.But finding our who the bastard was,he was going to find him and make him pay for his crime.

    Mr Frank, Bennie's father rushed into their bedroom, stopped dead in his tracks and just looked at his wife.
   There she was, sitting at the dressing-table as if they weren't in a hurry.
      "Stop dawdling and hurry up-we're late."
      "There's no need to be in such a tearing hurry-we've got plenty of time."
     He rushed out of the room into the sitting room, pacing up and down.
     Nneoma patted the side of the finished headtie.It was good.She fastened her good necklace round her neck,put on her matching earrings and bangles, picked up her handbag and stood up for a final glance at herself in the mirror.She was sweet.
    From the sitting room,her husband called again.
      "Darling, will you please hurry up.I'm the chairman.I don't know why it takes women forever to get dressed."
      "I'll be ready in a fraction of a second."
     Satisfied,she moved to the sitting room.
       "I'm ready,darling."
     He moped his broe with his bandanna and adjusted his agbada.
       "We must not waste any more time,"said Nneoma as she moved to the door to go downstairs."You've not even finished and yet, you were disturbing me."
"Who's been wasting time? Was it not you?" He was trying not to sound irritated.Women and their wahala,they would commit a crime and then find a way to push it to you.
      "You might waste the time if you keep looking at that mirror,adjusting your agbada."She fired back.
        "Good heavens!"Mr Frank exclaimed as the clock chimed 12 o'clock."My God,look at the time! We're going to be very late."
     "Gosh,is that the time?12 o'clock?How time flies."She said sounding somewhat amused.She made a little run down the stair-case,her heely shoes doing some koi-koi sound on the stair.
     Mr Frank followed closely  behind her as they moved downstairs to the garage.As they were about to enter the car,the gateman came to tell him about the presence of three visitors.
     "Sir,there are three people waiting to see you outside.A family."
       "Go back and tell them we're in a hurry,"said Nneoma.
       "Please madam,they said it's very important.It is something that concerns Bennie."The gateman said.
        "That concerns Benjamin?"Nneoma asked in perplexity.
        "Let them in,"That was Mr Frank.
       The gateman opened the gate while Holly and her parents entered.
       They exchanged greetings with each other.
           "Who are you?And what's the matter?"
       It was Holly's father that replied."I'm Deacon Bernard  Okolie.Sir,what I want to discuss with you is nothing we'd discuss standing."
          "As you can see we're about to go out."
          "Sir, please it's a very crucial matter."
         "Didn't you hear what he said?"Nneoma replied hotly.
        "Please,ma'am."Holly and her mother said in unison.
         "Darling, we'd better hear what they have to say since it concerns our only child."
       Nneoma's frown was so evident."So that means our appointment's been cancelled?"She stormed off into the house while the others followed behind.

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