BOOMERANG(Episode 4)


 By Dirim Nella

Episode 4

  Thoughts were swirling in her mind.''Am I pregnant?"She asked herself again.It wasn't possible-it was just that night Bennie raped her.But yet the tiredness,the loss of appetite,the missed period,her body felt different and a pregnancy test to prove . Pregnant?
    Few days later she decided to visit Bennie inorder to unveil the issue at hand.Bennie was relaxing in his parlour that day with an opened newspaper on his chest.He was thinking of how he would miss school,his friends and babes since he had written his last examination some months ago.His parents were already worried and had been pestering him to come back.He was still in thoughts when his cell phone began to ring.
    "Hello, Bennie."
    "Are you at home?"She asked with a sad note in her voice.
    "What for?Why are you asking?"He asked in an icy tone.
    "It's very important,please."
    "Okay,you have to be very fast.'Cause I might travel home today."
   Few hours later,he had his doorbell ring and he went to answer the doorbell.He undid the latch and opened the door to see her.
    She looked so pale and unhappy.
      "What?"He queried blocking the door with his thin body-frame.
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    Things had never been okay between them since the rape incident.And Bennie was not ready to settle things with her too.He's not the remorseful type and not Holly would change that part of him.Afterall,he's gotten what he wanted and she has nothing to offer again.And he had nothing to lose keeping her at arm's length."There's something I'd like to discuss with you, please.I promise I'd be very fast about it"
   He still stood at the door unmoved by her pleas.
      "I beg you,Bennie,"she pleaded again.
   He turned and looked at her angrily.
       "Hope it's not a foolish discussion?"He asked .
        "No,it's very crucial and we can't discuss it standing."
       "Come in."He said,taking the lead.
      "Thank you."
      "I will soon be here,"he said as he went into the next room.Within a shot time,he joined her.
     "So what could the discussion be,and whatever it is,you should make it as brief as possible."
   After seconds of silence,Holly looked up into his eyes."I have been bothered for so long now that's why I decided to come and tell you too."She said,touching her knees tentatively.
    "I am pregnant."She muttered."I'm confused,what do we do now?"Holly cried.
    "Preg---what!"He sputtered standing up at the same time,his eyes darkening dangerously."You and who did what exactly?"
     "What do you mean?What a damn stupid question!"She asked standing up to.They both came face to face.Their eyes sparkled with so much fury."You know damn well what I mean.Is it not you,or are you gonna deny now?You raped me and that makes you the father of my unborn child."
    "Who?Me?You must be mad.Infact you must be crazy". His mad eyes glared into her face."You, that was flirting around with men all over the campus,have come now to infest that bastard on me.My friend,I don't know you.Go and look for your cloth where you took your bath."
   "It is you and your entire generation that are mad.And it's your filthy self that's a bastard.And for your own information,my dad's aware of this and he had threatened to report to your parents if you try to play snart."Holly wished in her heart that what she just said was the truth.Her father would skin her alive if he ever finds out.
    "My parents!Nohe shouldn't try that.We need to act very fast."
     "What do we do then?"
     "You're still asking?"He looked somewhat amused."We're aborting the baby,of course!"
     "That's where you're all wrong,Benjamin.Nothing will induce me to kill my baby."
       "Are you mad?"He asked in anger ."Do you know the scandal this will create if it comes out?Or do you think I'm ready to be a father at this age.I just can't be tied down by any girl no matter what the circumstances were."
    "Bennie,you should have thought about the outcome of what your actionbwould result to before it."She wailed in despair.
    "Holly,or whatever you call yourself.I'm not cut out to tread words with you this morning.I'm going inside to get you some money so that you get rid of that bastard."
     "I hate you!"She choked out.
    Before she could finish ,he had dashed into his room,only to reappear with stacks of money neatly tied together in stacks of twenty-five thousand naira each which he handed over to her.
     "This is fifty thousand naira.Take it and know what you'd do with that bastard,whore"
   Holly turned like a wild cat."Did you just call me a whore?"She screamed at him.
      "No!Who said you were a whore?"He snarled,a dirty smile on his face .
    She swung her hand and smacked him across the face.
       "You slapped me?Anyway,I won't touch you."The dirty smirk appeared again."If you know what's good for you just abort that bastard, or else!..."He threatened.
     "You think you've never made mistake, Benjamin.But I tell you,you've just made the biggest mistake of your life."
  His eyes flickered for a moment.He drew air into his lungs.Then whispered ,"Just go,Holly."And then,he pushed her out and locked his door.
     ''No girl is going to tie me down.Never!' He was terribly angry at himself.'I have to leave this school today and better still,leave this country as soon as possible." He burst out laughing as he made for his room to get his luggages ready .

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