Discovering yourself

Discovering yourself

By Nwakanma Henry aka henzpen.

Discovering can be seen as to find or to research more about something or someone. We all have gift and talent inside of us, and it is a must to use this gift or Talent. I discovered my writing talent at the age of 9. I wrote comic books by then and my mum always help Me in photocopying it. I discovered my talent at that tender age by God grace.

Talents are not to be buried they are too be used. Many people haven't discovered themselves even at this jet age and time which is unfortunate.
I wrote and published a novel at age 13 titled ' Destined twins'. Talent is that thing you are good at doing even when you are told to do it uninformed.

Discovering oneself had to do with this point below.

Self esteem: Self-esteem is used to describe a person's overall sense of self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself. It involves a variety of beliefs about yourself, such as the appraisal of your own appearance, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. Self esteem can also by developed by this ;

1. Believing in yourself: Have confidence that you are capable of doing any task that you know is possible. Tell yourself that you can and you will. My dad always tell us since small that  there is no 'I CAN'T' in his dictionary. And I was always ready to face any challenges life has to offer.

2. Have positive friend: Have friend you feel confident and happy when you are with them. Have you every have this feeling when you go to a place you haven't been before with your friends, you feel energized and confident. So keep right friends.

 3. Recognise what you are good at:  As I earlier said, know your talent and gift and work to achieve something with it. For instance, we were in a children camp with over 2500 children, my mum all of a sudden told me to address the children on discovering their talent, That was at age 15. I went boldly to speak to them because that's what I am good at. Discover your talent today.

 4.Focus: Don't worry about what people will say. Focus on what you want to achieve. Many people bench on what people will say. Will they laugh at me? Will they be happy? Will they mock me?. Take that bold step In your decision making.
 Also there are many type of self discovering. we have.

1.Physical self discovering:  Physical discovery is the discovering of one's physical abilities. What do you know how to do well. Either with your physical strength or handwork. Know your physical self and work on it to achieve great things in life.

 2.Emotional self discovering: Many people don't know about their emotional self. You must be able to control yourself when happy or sad. When laughing and sobbing. You must also be able to control your temper and also the way you feel about something or someone. I saw a movie were someone called the fiance (Lady) on her phone saying that the man has a child outside and this lady couldn't control her temper as she started scattering the man's stuff in his house. She broke his tv, cups, bulb and many other things. You must know how to control your emotions.

 3. Intellectual self discovering: Ya! This is one critical and Crucial discovery. You must know that you are not a duller. Every one have one head and you must use yours to discover things. It was human being who discovered the car, television, aircraft, ship, phone etc we are using today. They used their intellectual self mind to discover this things. Intellectual self discovering can also be seen as mental self discovering.

Financial self discovering:   Kylie jenner has become the youngest billionaire in the world at age 22 by Forbes. She is the founder of Kylie cosmetic. This young lady discovered her financial self and she is been celebrated today. So discover your financial self.

Moral self discovering: Everyone need to have a good moral self discovery. Know when to say 'good morning', 'please', ' I am sorry', ' excuse me' and so on. Always have a good moral value and norms because your moral attitude speaks well for you.

 Relationship self discovering: What do you want from a relationship and what do you have to offer. How do u feel when you fall in love with someone, how do you react. How do you relate with family member. How do u also relate to the community at large. You need to discover that also.

Finding yourself' is searching for your purpose in life, the reason of your existence. It is knowing yourself through your priceless daily experiences. It is a learning where 'you' are the student, 'you' are the teacher and the subject being taught is also 'you', and the classes are held 24/7 throughout your life.

Nwakanma Henry is a writer, poet, and an author. Hails from isuikwato in abia state. He is a student of micheal okpara university of agriculture umudike umuahia abia state.
Follow on all his social media handle(FB/IG/twitter) @ henzpen

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