Love above Time

Love above Time

By Benson precious Victoriana

Our Creator made us to be different to serve a great purpose
But what he didn't create differently was Love,Which comes with a price.

And so the Creator gave us duties in which we will forever perform in the cycles of life.
The Creator however didn't give  Love its limits.

As days turned into weeks,weeks into months,months into years and more years,with the Master Time itself to control our ways,Love surpassed Time

Love did get into my Heart as it continued yeaning for your Heart

As Time kept passing us by,our Love kept waxing stronger and stronger with a desire to be bonded and made one.

Each time we tried to follow the magnetic law of attraction to become one,our physical makeup seemed to keep us apart causing us pains worst than death which we have not felt before
The pain of not being one,as Time kept on passing by our Love never stopped growing.

I realized Love is without a condition,it is self sacrificing,it was accepting our beautiful nature having the consciousness in our hearts that our Love is beyond the passing time,beyond the natural for it supersedes all things.

For it was Love himself who created us,For Love itself made us one,For Love itself United us

For my Heart was made incomplete on purpose by the Creator so it keeps on attracting it true pair,because the hearts finds itself in the natural world and gets bonded beyond the natural world

For this was the great wisdom Love taught me  and with the Master Time it taught me that a Love that grows in time and with patience last forever and is made unbreakable by even the Master Time itself.

If I haven't received this wisdom,with the haste to bond to my Beloveth,we would both have being destroyed.
Either my Love quenches my Beloveth or I get dissolved or we both cease to exist throwing away our responsibilities for a love born out of impatience,foolishness and selfishness.

A love whose price is priceless is eternal and within you

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