A day to remember.

By London Lucky Talbot

My siblings and my parents were slaughtered before my eyes. I was 7 but every little detail of the indelible scenerio keeps playing like a horror movie in my head; the screams, the blood splashing from their torsos, their eyeballs plucked out from their orbits and their skin torn out from their body by these deformed beings who only desired to feed their monstrous appetite.

It all started when we moved into an old abandoned house in a far away province. There was a rumour that it had been abandoned for years beyond count.

A province far from the towns and the cities also locked by seas. My parents wanted a quiet environment, somewhere free from buglers and the outside world.

We drove miles and we arrived, it was dark already. We took in our luggage, lit the candlesticks, arranged the sitting room and passed the night on the couches without checking the other rooms.

We woke up the next morning with the sun beaming through the curtains and casting the shadows on the marbled floor.

We quickly checked the other rooms but, something wasn't quite right; they didn't look like rooms that had not been touched or lived in for years, they were sparkling clean, bed well laid, everything well arranged, no spiderwebs or wall geckos climbing about.

 I told my parents:

"This isn't an old house, it looks like someone just packed out or rather, someone is still living here"  but they didn't believe me because I was but a kid and kids say the darnedest things. So, they just brushed it away.

We stayed weeks, months and we got acquainted with the house but my soul was often troubled, because I was already having nightmares about the house.

A thought kept running through my mind:
"I don't think we live alone in this house."

Then, one summer afternoon, my kid brother - Craig was playing ball in the driveway all by himself, and suddenly we heard him scream, and I rushed to see what troubled him but there was nothing, only him holding his ball.

He pointed his finger on a chair in the driveway and said:
"There is an old man sitting on that chair, can't you see?" I looked but I didn't see anyone.
"See, he's grinning at us!" He trembled.
"Craig, there is no one there" I said as I lifted him up to my shoulder and took him inside.

Obviously there was no one there, but there was. I was just spiritually myopic.

There was one room in the house that we hadn't touched or opened since our arrival. Our attentions were drawn away from it.

Craig walked to this room's door banging hard and insisting we open the door. We did and what we saw was a nightmare I don't wish to remember:

We saw three kids, a lady in her 40s and an old man, apparently a family.

They were eating themselves; chewing off their fingers, ears and flesh. Their body all smeared with blood, and human dry bones all around the ground. And they were all deformed, too.

We tried to shot the door and run for our lives but we couldn't move; our legs suddenly went rigid and heavy so, we frozed in terror.

We screamed when we saw them leap at us. They started with my father; they plucked out his eyes from their sockets as he screeched out his lungs, torn his skin from his body with their Sharp claws and fangs and dragged out his head from his torso as his blood splashed all over their body.

They sticked out their ugly tongues giggling, and licked off the blood on their faces. They did same to my mother and my siblings. I was screaming the hell out of my lungs.

Then, I saw them leap at me and my memory went blank. I didn't remember anything after that.

I woke up days or months later, cause I don't know how long I was unconscious. I woke up in a dark room illuminated faintly by a weak lightbulb. I squinted my eyes and when I opened them widely, I saw thousands of these deformed demons standing over my bed and all around it, waiting for me to wake up.

"No, this is no nightmare. This is real. Somebody help!!!"

That was my last memory of being human.



©️ London Lucky Talbot ✍️

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