Will you remember me when you get to heaven?
Will you remember that moment we were together?
Will you remember those words we shared
will they be in your memory forever..?

Life is so  short, I wish we live forever
Tell my mom I love her
Tell my Dad I can’t stop loving him
Tell my siblings their love I draw in my heart
a fresh memory that won’t gone forever
Although I never mean to depart

Home is calling, the time has come
Do I still have anything left undone?
Am ready to go, I will have in my brain all the moment we had
I will always remember if it would not be wiped

Tears is rolling down my eyes,
be cause I don’t wanna say goodbye,
but this wayward world is not giving me the chance to live
let me go and see the other side,
maybe I would know what it takes to abide.

Wipe off the tears on my face
give me a chance to live again
It could relieve me from my pain
There I wanna stay forever
come to me, tell me the story how things has gone
I would understand, but I wont tell anybody about this

Tell nobody I did this myself,
rather tell them I went to ease myself
Write on the wall the memory I  left with you,
the stories I  shared with you
Close deep your eyes whenever you want to see me
sing my favorite song I left with you
And I will travel afar across your dream
I’ll remember you when I get  to heaven, for angel won’t stop me.

Look into my eyes
Please don’t say goodbye
Remember the promises you made
Don’t get us betrayed

Remember those things you promised,
Mummy I will buy you car,
Daddy I will take you far
For both of you I will buy house
At least think of your future’s spouse
These are those things once said
They won’t be fulfilled if you’re dead

Mummy loves you,
remember the pain she went through
she cried on that that day
Do not use suicide to repay
Daddy loves you, this is my child
He will always say
What of your friends, people around you?
Remember they all cherish you
Don’t put into their eyes tears to shed
and pierce their hearts to bleed

Don’t go without sharing with the world
You could be the one to change the word
Killing yourself is not the best option
It will only leads you to destruction..


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