So the lonely one are the same,
they hide their pains in shame,
no one gives ears even when they share what they are passing through
people hardly believe my emotions, my feelings are true
They don’t understand me, neither they have any clue

Am a lonely creature,
made so by nature
am an introvert so I found myself,
Like unopened books in a bookshelf
when in difficult situation,
dying in silent is used to be an option

oh who am I?
I don’t understand myself
Neither do anyone understand me
so my nature chose to be
who am I?
Sometimes I  cry,
Yet I don’t mean to be sad
some time I laugh,
and smile like a baby calf,
wishing that moment never gone,
But I don’t know what could have been done

I battle often time with change of mood,
just as woodpecker wrestle to make an abode in a standing wood
Someday I go easy,
Someday I go crazy
Sometime am happy,
Like a new born puppy
Am just a lonely creature,
the fate made me by nature


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