The trapped soul.

By London Lucky Talbot ✍️

You write a horror story looking at your brother's ghost in the mirror.

On 16th of August, 1996, you're alone in your room writing this story. You look at the mirror on your wall but you don't see your reflection, the person in the mirror looking at you is not you but your dead brother. Your stomach tightened hard in fear, his soul is stuck in your body.

The unfathomable incident took place on 13th august, 1996, when Ikemefuna, your elder brother came back from his friend's house with his body bathed with blood.

You rushed towards him surprised at his strange appearance and asked what happened, but he said nothing neither did he look at you.

He walked into the house and almost immediately, his best friend, aguyi(the clown) came running into the compound looking miserable and panting like a T'challa in action. You could see the end of the world written all over his face.

"Ikemefuna is dead!" He shivered as he gasped for breath with his hands bracing his knees as he bent over at the waist.

"I'm not in for any of your jokes." You said brushing his bizarre news away, you've always known him to be a heartless prankster.

"I'm serious, a car just ran him over down the road." He said, this time almost crying as he trembled.

"Wait, wait, wait. Ikemefuna went inside just now before you got here, so you can't possibly say he's dead" now your skepticism was climbing to a climax of exasperation.

With the confusion and surprise on his face, he stood up and ran into the house and you ran right behind him.

But when you two got to room, there was no Ikemefuna, no trace of him.

You ran like a wind to where the accident had happened, and on getting there you saw a crowd gathered in a circle, obviously someone was on the ground.

You walked closer and then, you saw Ikemefuna lying lifelessly on the coal tar with blood oozing from his head. He was truly dead.

You fell on your knees and cried out loud as you had never cried before. You couldn't believe what was before you, and you kept wondering if you had just seen a ghost earlier on. Then, unexpectedly a cold frozen hand touched your shoulder through the back, you turned your head on adrenaline, and you saw Ikemefuna standing behind you. No one else was looking, so it was obvious he was visible only to you.

He looked miserable and restless.

"Bro, you don't have to die, you can always come back, you can have my body, don't just die, please!" You wailed without meaning every word.

You saw tears dropped from his eyes, he hugged you and then, he was gone.

You started having strange feelings, you felt something enter you.

And there you were, you were Ikemefuna, you were you, you were one body occupied by two souls but you didn't know.

When people look at you they don't see you, they see Ikemefuna. They see a ghost.



©️ London Lucky Talbot ✍️

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