By Chinenye Ozoemena

A little pride isn't a crime, is it?
If you are a little puffed up, you will not be out of human being.
Being a little respectful to yourself will not kill you.

About three years ago, one of my mom's friends called me to help her create a Facebook account. While, I was creating it, her daughter of 10 or 11 years old said, 'I know Facebook, they use to use it and beg money and card', we laughed loud, especially because of the way she said it with happiness and passion. She went further to say, 'Aunty Osase them(her aunts)  use to do it'. Those sentences she made never left my head. Each time I remember it, I shake my head at how lowly, some ladies/girls/women have brought womanhood to.

The other time, few days to Christmas, I saw a post daring girls to make their hair with their money and leave their boyfriends. I was angry to say the least, I was infuriated, irritated  when I saw "Haha" emoji from some girls.

It is so wrong, very wrong and foolish to go about begging people for card or cash, especially if you are a lady It is not right one bit.

Why not make your money?
Why not work with your hands?
Why not use your potentials?
That voice, is it for fancy?
That cool dancing step nko?
Your brain nko?
Skills nko?

Don't you know your brain has a lot of space? What about filling that space? Make money! And spend it extravagantly if you like.

Asking from males is the most annoying part of the whole thing. You destroy your pride by doing that.
Babe, you have got to wear little pride.

Begging males for card or cash, puts you in a position of being asked for your maidenhead.

Darling, the guy(except for few) that sends you cards or money, sees it normal to ask you for your dignity as a woman. Some will try to emotionally blackmail you.

Come on!
Babe, you can do more than that nah.
You are given the vast universe to explore and satisfy. Please explore it and take dominion.

God didn't just give you earth to live but also to WORK and RULE OVER IT.

Carry yourself with pride and people will assist you carry you.

Hold you in esteem..
Walk with a little pride.
Be puffed up small.

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