By Chinenye Ozoemena

Dear Fear,

 How have you been? I hope you are not still trying to reenter my kingdom because you have been dethroned and banished.

You know your atrocities, you know how much pain you have caused me, you have made me believe I am useless, you have made me believe I am a failure, you have belittled me, limited me and made nought my potentials before my eyes, you have made me a shadow of my original self, you invited your brothers inferiority complex, self doubt and low self esteem to join in tormenting me, you made me hide in the shell of "I can't do it" like a tortoise hiding from danger, you made my movement slow like a snail.

Helplessly, I allowed you rule cover me in tyranny, I allowed you dictate my progress, I allowed you restrict my potentials, I almost allow you turn me into a nonentity, I believed your lies, I saw you as a god, I worshipped, treasured and feared you, I allowed you make my thoughts suicidal, I couldn't do anything because you told me  I couldn't,  I allowed you commit more and more atrocities against me.

Subsequently, I went deep into the  shell of limitations, stagnancy and failure. I was continuously tormented by your brothers. I wallowed in self pity, unhappiness and conflict of the heart, mind and brain. I continuously believe everything you and your brothers told me. I seeked consolation from the hands of my diary, television and song  but it didn't suffice. I longed for freedom. I saw no future with you.

LIFE was the only thing you left with me. You thought that you have won and that you have rendered me completely useless. You thought there is no hope again for me, little did you know that " As long as a tree still has its root, it still have life". I started searching for redemption. I found salvation. Complete salvation!.  You have nothing but sorrow, limitations, failure and tears to offer me. I am sick and tired of it! I want freedom like a caged eagle released to sour high into the skies of success, perfection, fulfillment and achievement.

Therefore, I ban you and your brothers from my dome. I dethrone you and your brothers from my kingdom. Your ruler ship is over!
Your godship ends now! Complete believe has been  enthroned. I have a new king.  This new king has help me unlock my potential. Do well to send my regard to your brothers.

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