The black goddess


As children, we hurried to grandma's hut every twilight with the full moon illuminating our paths.

One night, we flooded to grandma's hut but what fed our hungry juvenile eyes was not the usual jovial and cheerful story teller she used to be; but she lay on her bamboo bed with a wrapper covering her up to her old sagging bossom.

We could hear her breath running miles and her eyes moistened with tears which glistened the flickering fire that burns under her primal enormous pot in the center of her hut.

"Grandma, are you okay?" We chorused as fear of the unknown whooped us.

"My grandchildren, certain is death, this world I will leave but not this moment" she grasped.

With the look of fear, misery and confusion on our faces, she grinned as to assure us everything was well with her, but her depraved grin was not convincing enough to fool us that she had but few hours to live.

"Grandma, story!" Ebube, the most wildest, oblivious and bizarre kid drawled.

But I snapped at him immediately with a  jab to his right ribs as to shut his gaping talking mouth up: 

"Can't you see grandma is on her death bed?" I managed to whisper.

"My grandchildren, a story, I will tell, and you all shall promise to remember to the grave" she beamed as her fast breath sapped more of her strength.

"My grandchildren" she began.

" Time before remembering, there lived a priestess called 'Mmili' in Umuagbala, a land of warriors situated somewhere along the coast of Africa. 

It was said that, she was a reincarnation of a beautiful black goddess, and in her days, people of the land pay obeisance with cowries, kegs of palm wine, lions paws and eagle's wings for the deity to bless and prosper them and their families.

Then, there came a day when mortal pleasure drained Mmili of her immortal  sanity when she desired to be intimate with a male mortal with a thick masculine prowess whose loins drives insane satisfaction, to plant a seed which will never shrivel or die but rather a hybrid; a blood of a mortal and a goddess who will take over the throne of the land and the sacred abode of the invisible deity.

"She bore a son, but it was more like a beast, a ravaging bloodthirsty tyrant who because of his selfishness, slaughtered his own parents, drank their blood and hung their corpses on a withered iroko tree in the village for birds to feed on them.

"He turned the villagers to his footstool and his parents bones artifacts. He also proclaimed himself the king and the gods of the land.

And so no one would oppose his ruthless and bloody rulership, he massacred his parents in cold blood.

"But something unexpected happened, when the cockerel heralded a new dawn and his hideous body was found breathless in his 'obi' where he had passed the night after sipping tons of palm wine brought to him by the unknown from the known that shall become known."

"Grandma, you mouth words encoded with parables and brains of the sages of the Mmili order that my dad reads to us in his African history book, please could you break the calabash to pieces?" I interrupted.

" The bloodthirsty tyrant died after gulping down kegs of palm wine given to him by his dead mother in guise of one of his wives.

"But there was a disturbing prophecy about him surfacing once more on the face of the earth through reincarnation.

"Reincarnation?" Jedinna the oldest among us asked with bewilderment.

"Yes, my grandchildren." Grandma said and she continued:

"I won't join my ancestors yet until I put a knive through his chest. My grandchildren, the beast is here in our midst in a guise of a lad!" She raised her grotesque shaking fingers and pointed them at Ebube, the wild kid as we all babbled in fear and confusion.

"My son, it is so stunning that you don't recognize the woman that births you centuries ago whom you killed in cold blood!" She growled and we all murmur silently as our eyes popped in  bewilderment.

"Yes, my grandchildren. I am Mmili the black goddess to be reincarnated in two generations, and I am here to save the world I once destroyed with my selfish desires.

"Ebube my son, it's time to go home" she said, and in a blink of an eye, she and Ebube disappeared, never to be seen again.



©️ London Lucky Talbot 

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