Haunted Mind

Dining with the devil and adventuring into dark arts was the nightmare Matteo had every night.

In one of his dreams, he had seen himself conjuring dark spells on his minor playmate, Edward their neighbour's nerdy son - which result was demonically hideous; he turned him into a goblin-like creature, a devilish or rather funny looking creature with pointed nose and ears like a rabbit, with a height as short as an elf.

He enjoyed every moment of torturing this little boy in his dream, and when he woke up, he realised it was just a dream but wished it wasn't.

A part of him had started craving for dark stuffs, the hunger overwhelmed him and a 13-year-old Matteo started asking his parents to buy him satanic spells books  which to his amazement, they didn't argue; they nodded hypnotically and days later the books were bought from no where.

Then, Matteo started having nightmares after nightmares by reading these books where he saw a satanic creature in black ugly hood offer to distill in him power of immortality, and without hesitation and rather enthusiasm, he accepted it with all his vulnerable heart, and then woke up the next morning with a pair of horn poking through the sides of his forehead, his beautiful face now grotesque, his eyes as red as vampires' and two ugly fangs swording out on his upper gum.

Rather than screeching, he smirked at himself on the broken mirror hung on his wall. And without looking at his scattered bed, he strode out from his room and bumping into his parents at the door as they passed directly through him without seeming to notice him at all.

Struck with surprise, he swung his hand trying to touch them but his hands seemed to be waving only the air. He followed them quickly back into his room and, he saw his body lying dead, swollen and rotten; zillions of maggots swimming and feasting on him. Then he saw his parents clapped their mouths and eyes with their hands shaking and reeling in horror.

He lifted his gaze to his wall and saw an invisible hand scribbling some creepy words with blood: 

"You asked for immortality and immortality I've given you. Make it to the coven at once to meet your counterparts and fellow minions scattered on the face of the earth. Our adversary isn't resting, boy. Welcome to the church of Satan, Matteo. From your high lord and master, Lucifer."

"J..ESUS!" Matteo screeched as he woke with a start. It's been all a nightmare. His parents came rushing to the room, held his hands and prayed like never before.

They baptized him with anointing oil and gave him some to drink, and that ends his demonic nightmares; Matteo was saved from the demonic possession.

©️ London Lucky Talbot ✍️

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