Edith and Smith


Edith and Smith

The interfaith service was where I met Edith

Whom my heart yearned for continuously month after month

My love for Edith had caused a warpath

For trouble started by my loudmouth

I was not worthy to be her Beloveth

My heart had died a Megadeath

Having become an addict to Love whose heart receives debit alert all the time

Refusing to be credited even after the fourth year

Elizabeth a sister to Edith

Had requested I bequeath my love for Edith to her

For a goth she had become which was the aftermath of an unrequited love_

I have become stalwart for Edith is my beloveth

Loving her gave me strength

However her decision was swith without ruth

You are without worth she said

Her words had fed me hellbroth

Endangering my health

Sending me to a city of dearth

Why bring me to this labyrinth?

You have become a bandit who robbed me in the path of happiness

I am not a tinsmith

But a tint of your Love will do

I am not an ironsmith

My love for you is ironbound

I am not a jokesmith

My love for you is no joke

I am not a coppersmith

For I have become a copperhead of the North sympathizing with your heart of the South to end this war

I am not a wordsmith

Love has turned me to a wordmaker

I am not a songsmith

My love story has written the best song

I am not a tunesmith

My love will give you a lovely tune

I am not a silversmith

Love has made me silver-tongued

I am not a goldsmith

My love will give you what is more treasurable than gold

I am willing to swear an oath to the heaven and earth

To prove from the depth of my heart how limitless my love is

The path to Edith's heart isn't smooth and not the easiest

If the birth of my love will lead to my death

Draw out your sword from its sheath so I liveth not

For my soul is eternally your betroth

Am underneath the water

Begging to breathe in your love

We both know the truth

This is not a myth

Edith has turned me to a psychopath

My name is Smith

For I am not a smith who forges love

But willing to bath you with peace and cloth you with an eternal love

I am Smith

Who is smitten by Edith

My love is not pennyworth

But a growth of immeasurable wealth and faith

I am Smith

Willing to sacrifice my youth for Edith

©Victoriana precious Benson

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