Family Mystery

Family Mystery

By London Lucky Talbot ✍️

What would you do if you find out that your spouse is a ghost?

Theresa had been seeing herself flying in the dream of the night and practicing dark sorcery, but she wakes up every morning with a broad smile; she was always happy seeing herself doing dark stuff, and wished she could do them in  real life.

One day, she got a call from Emeka, a guy who had been pestering her for a relationship. She loved him but couldn't  understand why or like the fact that she loved him.

She made up her mind and gave him a chance. They got engaged after some months of dating and a year later, they got married.

But never once did she see any of Emeka's family members pay them a visit and neither did he talk about his family.

Theresa's mind was far from this, but after some years she began to ask him questions after questions about his family, but he wouldn't say a word; whenever the topic was brought up, he would knit his brow so hard as to tell Theresa to stop bringing up the topic, but she wouldn't stop.

8 years had gone in their marriage with three kids running around the house. Theresa was curious and miserable to know about Emeka's family. So, one Christmas, he finally gave in to her. They drove to his village, and when they arrived, his family's house was two bungalows away, he suddenly stopped and pointed his finger to his family's house - that his wife and kids should go ahead of him that he would like to get his parents a surprising gift.

They left him there standing as he watched them fade from view.

Theresa and the kids got to the compound, and they were given a warm welcome then followed by a disturbing question: "who are you?"

After explaining who she was, Emeka's parents gave her a mouth gaped look, like she was saying rubbish.

"That's impossible!" They chuckled.

Theresa kept trying to explain that they came with him, but they couldn't take it anymore so, they directed her eyes to a grave in a corner of the compound:

"That's Emeka's grave." His mom cried.
"He died 15 years ago in a car crash" muttered his dad who felt his healed wound punctured and bleeding again.

Engulfed with surprise and confusion, Theresa passed out; how was she supposed to have the slightest sign that she's been living with a ghost as a husband for 9 good years when she was blinded by a mysterious and foolish love.



©️ London Lucky Talbot ✍️

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