Listen Singles

Listen Singles

By Chinenye Ozoemena

Brothers and Sisters, please come. We need to talk, we have a very serious discussion.

Brother, wait first.

What are you doing now?
What are you doing while waiting for uncles to you take home?
How well are you preparing for his coming?
How are you fulfilling destiny?
Are you waiting for uncle to come and save you from the clutches of poverty?
Are you hoping that what happens in Nigeria movie, where the prince always save a slave girl from the monstrous hand of poverty and maltreatment will happen to you?
Are you among those people that think that SEX is the only thing a man needs?
Are you enlarging your boobs and bum bum and even wearing heavy make up just to allure our brothers, but you are an empty container?
Do you know brother will eventually get tired  of your big asset( boobs and bum bum) and go in search of a bigger one?
Don't you know that you honeypot will eventually become bitter leaf to the brother, if care is not taken?

Oh!  I get it!
You are a virgin!
Wow! Wonderful
What happens next?
After the brother break the hymen, what happens?
It takes only one touch to break it ! What will the brother  do with your hymen ,please? I agree that brother's trust on you will becoming solid but that shoudn't be all!

My sister! Omo ge! Sisi mi! Aburobia mme!

Invest in yourself.
Unleash your potentials.
Wake the sleeping giant in you.

Come on!
You can offer more than just SEX and VIRGINITY.

Gain value.
Rise your head high.
Utilize your single hood.
There is your opportunity to do anything doable. Become an actress, businesswoman, singer, writer and so on.
Anything! Absolutely anything!

My sister,your matter is long, my fingers are paining me

Brother, come closer.
So how do we talk this type of one ehh?

While talking with a friend, he asked me a very silly question, "Don't you want to get experience" He asked me that because I told him, I am not ready for a relationship now.

My brother
Are you experimenting on someone's daughter?
Are you looking for a lady to use and dump?
Is your erection your leader?
Is your erection leading you to the destruction of another man's daughter?
Are you purpose driven?
Or are you living life "as you see am"?

Well brother
Have you heard about KARMA?
Do you not know that the evil that man do, living with them now and not after them?
Is that how you are preparing for Hanty to join you?
How you are preparing ni?
What will you offer our Hanty?
Have you even bothered to learn how you will treat Sister, when she eventually come?

I think my questions are self explanatory

My advice is that you continue enjoying yourself and expecting Karma.

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