I have arrived

I have arrived!

By Chinenye Ozoemena

A disease more terrible than Corona virus, that has caused destruction in the lives of many honourable and reputable men and woman, In the lives of some "upcoming" great people and even in the lives of some pauper is what i call "I HAVE ARRIVED". It is very callous.

Let's use David as an instance.

David, a man after God's heart. God himself called David, "A man after my own heart".David, God's right hand man, felt "I have arrived" in 2sam 11:1.

Have you seen it?
Ok wait let me show you...AT THE TIME WHEN KINGS GO FORTH TO BATTLE, that David SENT Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel; and they destroyed the children of Ammon, and besieged Rabbah. But David TARRIED still at Jerusalem..Do you see it?

David said within  himself, " I have  tried for God . Look at all the things  I have done for God.I have won so many battles. Even the big guns when it comes to battle are following me . Oh ,i have arrived!. Israel can count battles that I won for them? Let me rest! Joab and others will  fight.  God, understand.

That is it o!

David felt he had arrived.
David was not lying, was he?
Of course, David had arrived.
All the exploit he did made him worthy of "I have arrived".
He has worked for God from his youth.
He abstain from all unrighteousness and anything that stains the soul.
He followed after chastisement,and holiness.
God loved him and blessed his generation.
He  went about his duties without a wavering faith.
He saved God's people.
He hated what God hates.
He worship God with his heart, soul, body and spirit.
He was faithful to God and God's people.
He did justice uprightly.

And the list goes on... but the moment he felt he had arrived, doom consumed him. He fell into the hands of God. We all know it is a dreadful thing to fall into God's hands.

God cursed him in 2sam 12::10-12.
Uncle David, a man after God's  heart, was cursed of the Lord, his household with him.

If you go further, you would see how he was humiliated.
Whatever your achievement may be, however blessed you are; the moment you believe you have arrived, the moment you exalt yourself, the moment you are doing nothing to attain more height, the moment you feel you need not struggle again; your doom is surely hovering around.

You can never arrive!
You keep evolving!
You keep rebranding!
You never arrive!

When you achieve those dreams of yours, and do not improve them, get more dreams, you go in extinction.
You can never arrive! You can only continue arriving.

There is nothing like "I have arrived". You continue arriving.

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