The seer


I was burried six feet under the earth, I was only unconscious but everyone thought I was dead

I know that feeling of waking up in a casket after decades of unending slumber and realising you've been burried alive.

About 15years ago, during our every twilight tale with grandma in her hut with her antique lantern hung on her shined red wall and glistening in our petrified eyes as she tells her eerie tales. One night she had told us about not whistling in the night, not looking at mirror in the night, calling people by their names and answering names in the night -- that they could attract haunting and restless ghosts.

When she finished her tales, we were about leaving her hut and she added:

"My grandchildren, don't ever sleep with your legs facing the door but your head"

She never told us the reason behind it and we never asked because we've got enough of frightening tales.

Well, many people thought these were propestrous myths and superstitions designed to frighten children, so they doubted and never believed they could happen. I wasn't excluded though I was only a kid running around with a sagging pant and following my folks to church every Sunday watching the preacher engulfed with vibration on the podium as he spits out frightening words about heaven and hell which made us to see every tale our grandparents ever told us as myths no matter how terrifying they are.

Then I started having nightmares about my room being watched by a ghost girl, and I would wake up the next morning a and I wouldn't feel my legs; they would be rigid and dead. I never knew I was having sleep paralysis, and I had forgotten about not facing my legs to the door while sleeping.

Unknown to me, I was sexually and maritally engaged in the spirit world.

One night, after coming back from grandma's hut, I flopped onto my bed waiting for sleep to come but I suddenly heard someone crying in my room; it was a girl's voice sobbing bitterly.

I quickly grabbed my lantern closer holding it with my trembling fingers and I saw a girl in white standing on my door, with long black hair covering her pale face and white eyes sobbing bitterly.

"You invited me" she wailed.

I opened my mouth to say something but no word came out only my lips shaking.

"No one has ever wanted me, no body likes me and I've never had anyone to share moments with until I saw your interest in me" she cried sinking her face on her palms.

", I d.. didn't" I shivered.

"You did!" She cried. 

Then I remembered I'd been whistling on our way home from grandma's without noticing it, and I'd slept the night before with my legs facing the door.

"B..but you're dead" I stuttered and she nodded childishly.

She suddenly stretched out her pale hands and I took them subconsciously, and WHAM -- we were gone.

I woke up breathing heavily with my body moistened with sweat.

Damn! It was a nightmare.

Then I looked at my door and she was right there, standing like a statue and grinning sheepishly at me. 

I stood up swiftly from the bed and I looked back at it, and I saw my body lying breathlessly.

"Nothing was a nightmare" she said coldly.

I was truly dead.

When everyone woke up the next morning and I didn't, after hours of crying, I was burried. No one knew I wasn't dead but unconscious.

Then I woke up what seemed like centuries in the grave and with the heat and darkness, I knew I was burried alive.

If you're wondering how then I wrote this, well, I was a seer who couldn't avert his misfortunes, fate and destiny; I saw this horror years before it happened.



©️ London Lucky Talbot ✍️

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