Christianity versus hypocrisy

Christianity versus hypocrisy

By Chinenye Ozoemena


Who sold that rubbish to you?         
Who have bewitched your understanding?
Who told you that posting " hellfire is real and heaven is real" on Facebook is Christianity?
Who told you that being a member of any church automatically makes a Christian?
Who told you that wearing senator's wear, plain trousers and suits is a requirement for right living?
Who told you that tying scarf around you head and ears too, wearing long skirts and gowns, and refusing to put on heels makes you a Christian?
Who told you that leaving you hair natural  and wearing no make-up qualifies you for the title and the world"Christian"?
Who told you that because you are a chorister, pastor, prayer warrior, teacher, pastor's child, an usher, Apostle, Evangelist and so on, you are a Christian?
Who told you that walking "gentlemanly" and "Holi holi" is Christianity?
Who told you that because you are a virgin, you are a Christian?
Who sold that shit to you?
No wonder you are an hypocrite.
Why were the disciples of Jesus called Christian in Antioch?
Because they were virgins? And modest in dressing? Spoke in diverse tongues?
No! No! No!
They were called Christian because they resemble Christ in character, appearance, conversation, action, reaction, just name it. They were Christlike. They were not hiding under the canopy of their churches and under modesty.
You doubt me?
Oya turn with me to Acts 11:26
I think you have seen it?
Thank God you did!

Sometime ago, I told two of my Christian friends on different occasions that I have backslidden and their replies left my mouth open.
One asked "So you are no longer a virgin?"
The other one asked 'So you now wearing trousers?"
I was like "So that is your definition of Christianity?" Virginity? Trousers?

Don't you know these(modesty and Christian titles) are not the most essential aspect of Christianity?
Or do you just want to be ignorant?
Or God has already given you the reprobate heart he promised?
Do you even have a testimony? Yes! Testimony? Testimony of salvation! Or is your testimony '" I was born in my church" and " my father is pastor and my mother, a women leader'?
Have you been to the cross at all?
Have you ever been metamorphosed?

Dressing like a Christian and being a Christian are two very different things. They can not and should not be in the same group.
The moment you give your life to Christ hmm? A fraction of God's spirit called THE EARNEST OF THE HOLY SPIRIT(2 Cor 1:22 & 5:5) enters you. HE(that is the spirit) will not allow you leave your house in any seductive dress. You don't need to be taught how to dress. HE will direct you, that's if you yield. What am I trying to pass across to you? What message is this write up portraying? Get the most valued treasure, only then can you get the less valued treasure. Get salvation first, then modesty follows, title too, good character also.  Salvation is paramount.

I heard of a woman who would always said "If you want am full now, I go keep bible first, give you wetin you want later I will tell God sorry", she claims to be a Christian but she is ready to fight and apologized to God later. If you see this sister(abi woman 'self) skirt and gown ehh? E dey sweep ground o.

Another friend of mine, who is a chorister with a melodious voice, when you see her dancing " One corner one corner" here? You will be asking if this is the same sister.

There are some so called brother that go about singing repent here on Facebook but when you get close to them ehh? unbeliever are better than them.

How can someone who have not been saved be a Christian?
How can someone who doesn't have the fruits of the spirit be a Christian?

You have not been saved and you think you can exhibit the fruits of the spirit? Impossible! If you were saved and you lost your way, return back to Bethel or leave the Church and stop causing blame in the ministry of Christ.

That is why we have so many hypocrite in the body of Christ.

After salvation then modesty becomes pleasant to the eyes.

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