Is envy really a bad emotion? Is it a sin?

Is envy really a bad emotion?
Is it a sin?

By Chinenye Ozoemena

Are you sure about that accusation on envy?

Oh Envy!
Come! i pray thee and answer for yourself. Art thou, my dearest maiden, evil? Doest thou evil in the midst of men? Come! Come tender damsel and speak thine innocence.

Envy is not the enemy. Envy is not a villain! It is in fact an hero, but to only those who allow it save them.
Before this discovery, I was in a thought conflict. I was wondering why I am envious yet I never wish whoever I am envious of bad. I thought over and over again until I came to the realisation that ENVY, just like failure, is not guilty of crimes we accuse it of.

For clarification, I went into researching and discovered, ENVY is really innocent. Envy is not bad as we think.

Let me explain.
First thing is first, What is Envy?

* It is an emotion which occurs when a person lacks another person's superior quality, achievement, or possessions.
* It is a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone's else possessions, qualities or luck.
* It is the desire to have a quality, possession or other desirable thing belonging to others.
* Na wen anoda pesin get wetin dey hungry you.

Aristotle defined Envy as "the pain at the sight of another person's good fortune, stirred by those who have what we ought to have".

Bertrand Russell said Envy is one of the most potent cause of unhappiness.

Am I contradicting  myself?
Yeah, I noticed it too.
How can I say it is not bad but then in my definition, I stated it causes PAIN, UNHAPPINESS AND RESENTMENT?

Definitely, Chinenye is confused.
But wait o!
I have not explained it nah.
I almost stop the research but I found something. Maybe I am not weird after all, Maybe i am not the only person that is envious.

Please, pay rapt attention and please answer my questions.

Have you ever felt envious of Dangote?

Have you felt you can sing better than Mercy Chinwo?

Have you ever been envious of that your friend that passed an examination well and feel you can do better than he/she did if you put more effort?

Have you ever seen a writeup on social media and feel "I can write better" or "I wish I can do this"?

Have you ever been restless because someone else has or know something you don't?

Have you seen someone "blowing grammar" and you are unhappy you don't know how to?

Have you ever been resentful at yourself for not knowing, achieving, and having something?
You are an envious person!

I, Chinenye Ozoemena, am a very envious person. I am envious of Mercy Chinwo, Judikay, Simi, Esther Charles, Chichi Miracle, and so on. When you have what I don't have, I envy you and I work towards getting what you have! I am envious of every good thing.

When you see a beautifully sown cloth, you envy it!
What of shoe and Bags?

But...but that is admiration.
Yes! it is!
Envy is admiration.

My findings says, there are two major types of Envy
1)Malicious Envy
2) Benign Envy

Malicious Envy is an unpleasant emotion that causes the envious person to want to bring down the envied even at their own cost. This is the type of envy we know about, the type we used as a standard of judgement on ENVY. This type caused its victims to become evil or wicked.

Benign Envy is type of envy that makes its victims aspired to be better they are. It has a positive effect on its victims. I call it HEALTHY ENVY!

* It makes someone hardworking.
* It causes emulation.
* It motivates.
* it improves.
* it leads to success.

Do you know that envy improve the Economy, Churches, Schools, and  everything? Think about it yourself.

I found Envy is, in itself, is not bad, your reactions to that emotion determines if it will been good or bad..
Check it nah! Calculate it nah!

Do you get?
I hope with this few points you would agree with me that  Envy is not bad emotion.

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