The destined wizard

It was an eclipse night, I was making merry with uncle Jude in his condominium when a text message popped on my phone screen: "come home right now, there is something you need to see!" was the message from my mum.

I dreaded sinister, but at that moment I couldn't help it but to allow it sit in my head. uncle Jude patted my shoulder and I fled to my parents house.

getting there, from afar I saw human figures silhouetting on my window through the curtains. everywhere was disturbingly dark, I looked up and I saw the moon was no longer red but was glinting at me -- which lit my way without bumping on anything as I paced.

I got to our door step, pulled the knob as the door creaked open which panicstroke me because my parents would never forget to lock the front door once is dark, no matter how oblivious my mum was or how drunk my dad was.

I walked in quietly and headed to my mum's room wondering what was amiss -- when I heard someone squeak from my room. I spun, tracing the voice half running and half pacing looking over my shoulders because now it was obvious we had an anonymous eerie company. with the blinking lightbulb over my head dangling on the ceiling, I could see the mess they'd made of the house and the walls stained with blood.

I got to my door and I could hear my mum whimpering. I hungered to open it when I heard a cat meow behind me, I abruptly spun around on adrenaline, and I saw a black cat, and in a blink of an eye it was no longer a cat but an old woman in black cloak pacing toward me smirking and grinning at the same time, and when she got closer, I could feel, see and hear a bubble of fire that moves with her -- I was horror-stricken, my body went numb and I managed to shield the bubble of fire with my elbows as I screeched, and then suddenly, silence swallowed the scene.

I squinted wondering if I was still alive, and I saw her suspended in the midair, rigid and icy, and when I took a proper look, it was my aunt, Naomi. my mouth gaped open and my eyes popped in surprise and betrayal: why would my aunt want to kill me? and then suddenly I felt a rage overwhelm me and I stroke the icy figure hard as it splinter on the floor with a clattering sounds.

with the same rage, I pounced on my door and it thudded on the floor flying dusts in the air, and I saw my mum whimpering in a corner, blindfolded and mouth-taped, she was quavering miserably which boiled my  anger the more. then, dangling feets in the midair caught my attention and i looked up, it was my dad -- dangling on a rope hanged on the chandelier hanger, his body bruised and swollen, and a long knife sticking through his belly and poking out through his back -- and i reeled and fell on my knees at the nightmare before me.

then I saw someone emerge from no where in a flash, he wore a black cloak like my aunt Naomi, and the moonlight shone through my window illuminating the gloomy room and I could see his face: it was my uncle, Jude.

he muttered some enchantment and I froze, completely numb. I struggled to break free but the unseen cold hands gripping me were too strong.

"say your last prayer, boy or you watch me slice your whore of a mother's throat!" he growled as his forehead furrowed.

"so - uncle Jude you're a -a wizard?" I stuttered.

"of course, boy. just as your mother is a witch" he said with a nasty smile.

I was engulfed with bewilderment, what the hell is he blabbing?

"but what did my parents do to you to deserve this?" I cried.

"enough interrogation, boy! you want your slut of a mother to live or not?" he barked.

sinking in confusion, I closed my eyes and I felt an unprecedented strength I had never felt before, I could feel it traveling through my veins from my head and settling in my two clenched fists.

"Arrrrrrrrghhh!" I yelled with anger and a mad wind spun in the room deafening every living thing in it.  and when silence returned, I saw him turn to a statue of ice and the invisible hands gripping me were gone.

I rushed toward my mum feeling her misery and pain, cut her loose and untied the blindfold on her eyes, tore the tape on her lips, and carried her to the bed -- crying at my dad's dangling dead body. I lay her down and she started breathing heavily and fast.

"London, I hope you're not my mad at me? -- there are things we never told you." she muttered.

"things like what, mum?" 

"sweetheart, you're destined to be a powerful sorcerer" she gasped with her last breath as her eyelids glued with a tear rolling from a corner of her eye to her ear, and from that moment, a new chapter of life flipped open for me; wizardry.


©️ London Lucky Talbot

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