I am in love with failure

I Am in love with failure

By Chinenye Ozoemena

Over the years, I have come to discover something strange, something ironic. I realised failure is not bad as we think it is. It is not a curse after all. It is actually a blessing in disguise. It is like gold in dirt. It is like a diamond covered in faeces. It is a generous giver. It gives hope, it waken sleeping giant. It is comparable to a gentle lover. To be sincere, I AM IN LOVE WITH FAILURE!.

I'm not mad.
I know what I am saying .
Nobody should bring chain here , if you try me now, I will bite you😏

Failure should even be praised, better still worshipped as a god...

Don't give me that look😕😕😕

Craze e no dey catch me o.
"This one wey u dey luk me laidis ehh... I fit bite o."

Failure is a part of our everyday life.
Everyone of us have had our fair share of the goodness of this god FAILURE.

As a child, we fail continuously while trying to sit, stand, walk and talk too. We said words like Nana, Nene etc before we learnt how to say Mummy, Mom, Mama etc. Abi I lie?

Shebi wen u small, you first fail before u con sabi sit down, standup, waka and run?


In school, some of us met failure face to face, we conversed with failure. If you didn't fail, well kudos to you! But me, I failed over and over again. I even nicknamed myself FAILURE. Some of us wrote WAEC, GCE, UTME and NECO a million times that the boards of examination became familiar with our names. Some of us tasted failure's soup and enjoyed its sauce.

Outside school, failure still met us, trying to frustrate us(you may be saying "yet you are saying failure is not bad).

Now let's talk.

What does Failure mean?

*  It is the omission of an expected or a required action.
*  It is not meeting or matching up to standard.
*  It is the absence or lack of success.
*  Na when you neva reach where abi wetin you suppose or wan reach.

Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, "That which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will. To strive, to seek, to find, and NOT TO YIELD.

That's it!
Failure is yielding!

Failure becomes bad when you yield. It was a curse when you don't see the gold in it. It is only when you look beyond the unpleasant smell of that faeces, that you find diamond hidden in it.
Failure itself is not bad, quitting is.

Accepted that faeces, search out the diamond in it. Don't throw it away.

Embrace it for in it, lies success.

Failure reveals you.
Failure opens you.
Failure teaches you.
Failure humbles you.
Failure wakes you.
Failure empowers you.

Did you think Thomas Edison did not fail before he eventually found out that a carbonized bamboo filament could last for 1200 hours?
Thus, light bulb was invented.

What of Mark Zuckerberg? You think he just invented Facebook without failing?

Albert Einstein ? The atomic bomb was easy to invented right?

What about Oprah Winfrey ? You think owning a Media House from nothing was easy?

What do you think of Abraham Lincoln?

Do You know how many animation company Walt Disney built that got scattered?

Billionaire Cosmos Maduka too failed!
Dropout, sacked, and failed in business but now he is billionaire in Nigeria. Was that easy?

Don Jazzy was a dropout, security guard and drummer before ! He worked his way to success. Did you think it was an easy job?

Mercy Johnson failed UTME and was a maid. Isn't she successful in the field she chose?

Muhammad Buhari contested for presidency three times and failed. Isn't he our president now?

You see? Failure ought to be a god. It deserves praises. Failure is a friend and an  enemy. It does what success can not do.

Walt Disney said, "All of my obstacles have STRENGTHENED me, you may not realise it when it happens, but  A KICK IN THE TEETH may be the best in the world for you".

Failure is a kick in the teeth.
You need that kick to be strong.
Failure is that push you need to succeeded.

Fall head over heel in love with FAILURE.
Let it kiss you tenderly.
Allow it caress you.
Feel its touches.
Enjoy its sweetness.

I know!
I know the pain and sorrow that accompanies it.
I know the smell that comes with this diamond.
The disgrace.
The fear.
The inferiority complex.
The self doubt.
I know!

I have failed before and it is not an enjoyable experience but if you want succeed, accept it yet don't yield(don't allow it discourage you).

It makes you think you are useless and worthless.

Never yield!
Never quit!
Never agree you can't succeed!

I'm grateful I met failure. You should too.

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