PASTic Present


By Poetified Victor

Barely had he put the spoonful of rice in his mouth before Joe ran in, soaked by the heavy rain.

"Joe!" Ben shouted, as soon as he entered, food in his mouth

"Ben!!" Joe called back, unenthusiastically. He dusted his trousers as if magically, they'd become dry

Joe grimaced in anger and disgust, he was wet and droplets of water dropped from his shirt and pants and flowed to the waste basked by his right. He stood for a while on the mat at the door steps. He did a mental calculation of where he'd sit. The cushion was not an appropriate place, so he sat on a leather chair, opposite Benson. The name tag that read BENSON DALTON BADEJO, reminded him that he was in an office

"How're you Joe?" Ben asked, keeping his plate of food under the table, he took his handkerchief hanging on the window behind him, then cleaned his hands and oily lips

"I'm good oo" he said, stressing his every word, obviously tired

"How is beautiful Jane?" He asked again, this time, going through some files on his table 

"She's just Jane, you know?" He frowned and picked a lying magazine

"She's no longer beautiful?" He laughed

"Whatever!" Joe replied, concentrating on the book

"How is work? I heard those young soldiers are pestering y'all there" he said, not comfortable with the silence of the room

"That's very true, but you see, no one knows about these. Today, I had to pay ₦30 to enter my own company, can you imagine?"

"I can imagine! You see, I asked you to leave there a long time ago" Ben said, shaking his head, as if to say "I can do nothing to help"

"Leave? I've stayed there all my working years. The Shagari's government affected me. My customers were sent out of the country, and now, I'm left with nothing, not even one enough to help me relocate" he lamented, and his eyes caught something in the magazine

"Wow, the hunt for Saro wiwa Is on again" he said, opening his eyes in disbelief

"I thought it had passed away oooo, these journalists won't learn to keep shut. They act like they're the most affected" he dropped the file he had been reading on a pile of others and picked another again

"You're such an ingrate! The man fights for me and you"

"You mean he fights for himself and his pockets, you see, everyone has eyes on the national cake, there are just different ways by which we exercise it" he said, just eyes not leaving the new file

"I doubt that Ben, Abiola has been doing great stuffs lately..."

"That's what I'm saying man", he looked at his friend before continuing

"That's what I'm talking about, we all have our different approaches. Abiola has been building schools and doing some NGOs and stuffs is his own way and method. Just watch if he won't join the military and be one the next head of state" 

They both laugh at the joke

"I still don't beat, you see, Jane has been having these dreams of late, a dream of Nigeria, where the people put those who they think are worthy into positions"

"And that's a nightmare, or the worst daydream, or a terrible hallucination" he laughed again

"Infact, only a fool would believe her dreams, I hope you didn't, the Nigeria we were promised after the so-called  Independence is not the same we see now, all of them were lies" he then flipped through the pages of the file's pages absent-mindedly

"Hmmm, ì guess Abacha's reign will be longer than we imagined, indeed this country in in a disaster. I'm tired of it's state"

"Let's not be" Ben smiled

"But I still believe that that day shall come, we would not be scared but have confidence in our elected leaders... I promise" Joe said, observing his trouser's moisture again

"And that day, Is million of years away" Ben's voice echoed...

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