People are watching

People are watching

By Chinenye Ozoemena

'I know you'

'Me?! Where? How?', I questioned the usher in a curious and surprise tone.

He smiled and reply, 'I know your mummy, the church you people use to go, your brothers and sister. I even know Daddy'.

I looked at him trying to remember where I may have met him.

'I was even saying, he continued, that if not that I was engaged and you were too small that time, I will marry you'.

I looked at him as he sat and said within myself, 'Who will agree to marry you sef? you are too short abeg... I cannot marry short person o'.

'I approached you one day but you did not even look at my face. Chai! Shame catch me that day', he added while laughing.

We laughed.

'I never for once saw you with any boy. Always on your own. Every time you will be going to church and you will carry your younger ones. I use to look at you that time. Very different!', he concluded.

'But where did you know me? ' I asked with keen eyes and ear.

'In your former compound' he finally reveal.

'But I have not seen you before?' I inquired defeatedly.

'Eeh...Yes! I use to live in that other street, not your street . The one you do  pass when you are going to church', he explained.

'I hope you have not changed?' he questioned with a look that seem to be searching my eyes and body for answer to the rhetorical question.

This happened some months ago, when we had moved from our previous apartment to another area entirely. We needed somewhere to worship as our parish was far, so we enter and worshipped in the church this usher worships.

This usher(head usher) was smiling at me, the very momemt we entered the church. In my mind, I was like 'Are you sure he is not one of them(😉😯)? . Even inside church? God! Mercy!'

Usher went  about telling the members, I am a good girl.

It was when this happened that I fully understand what my mom meant whenever she says "People are watching and they will report".

Of a truth, people are watching.
Those things you are doing, thinking you are safe. Kai! Kai! you are definitely not safe.

Whatever you are doing, just know people are watching.

You may need their recommendation in the future.

Lemme talk to you
Don't tell anybody
Some funny women were booking me for their brothers.
Shhhh! Don't shout nah. Keep it down!
Not one, Not two, Not three, Not four.
Funny people!😂😂😂 Nobody should laugh at me o unless...

People are watching.
You doubt me?
Make one mistake nah, let them broadcast you.

Here on social media huh?
People are still watching.
We call them "monitoring spirit".
What they say about you will either make you or mar you.

Rubbish post? Stop it.
Argument? Stop it.
(I was once guilty of this one, going from post to post, group to group, looking for what to argue. It was not until I understand it was destroying my brand that I stopped).

It is time to think before acting.

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