The fairytale of vampire


After a long day in school, we hurried home so we could finish our chores before twilight and join grandma under the moonlight for her jaw dropping tales.

When we arrived her hut, with our anticipations, we curtsied by greeting her respectfully; the boys bowed their head with their hands to their sides while the girls curtsied by bending their knees. 

She blessed us and asked us to sit on her local made mat. Then, a magical ride to a wonderland we took.

" You all are welcome my grandchildren" she welcomed us with a beam as her wrinkles stretched while she struggles to smile and talk.

" Long, long time ago.." she began.

" A traveler ventured to a western forest to work for some white men so he could make some money to fend for his only son.

He went with a close friend after bidding his son goodbye and told him he was coming back with a lots of money and food.

They left at night with torchlight well gripped in their hands.

As they were going, the man walked ahead of his friend, he muttered words to him and his friend responds. This continued till they got to a tall tree when the man decided to look back and to his amazement, his friend was no longer with him. He said to himself: "but I just heard his voice now."

Fear gripped him as he saw his friend swiftly dropped down from the tree.  He flashed his torchlight on him and he saw he was lifeless; there were two little holes on his neck, one which could only have been dug by vampires fangs. 

He felt an object in a wind form running around and towards him from different angles. He yelled apprehensively for whatsoever is about to kill him to reveal itself.

The object came to a stop as he gathered his wind-like pieces to one place and the complete piece was a man in black with red eyes, paled skin, fangs and the two sides of his mouth was stained with blood. apparently, his friend's blood.

The vampire wears a face of irony as he throws him a fake smile. The man pleaded for him to spare his life; whimpering how his only son would be fatherless if he kills him. He wailed to him that he wants to live and not to die.

The vampire assured him that he will make him immortal. He agreed and the vampire swiftly grabbed him, deeped his hungry fangs into his neck and suck life out of him, he mixed their blood and fed the man some. Then he took him to his coven and watched him for days if he's strong enough to fight death and become  an immortal like him.

Days later, the man woke up in the vampire's coven and couldn't feel his body; all his bones were as strong as iron, he felt an overwhelming strength and a taste of blood in his mouth. He looked himself in a mirror and saw he was a complete transformed being, that was when it dawned on him that he was turned a vampire; his request of living and not dying.

He confronted the vampire that why would he turn him to a vampire without his full knowledge. But the vampire laughed and said: you asked for it and you should thank me for that.

He was devastated, he slowly started craving for human blood. And his fear was how he would explain to his son; he wasn't sure if he would be able to overcome the temptation of killing his own son.

We went back home in a snap of a finger, he was surprised too. He enjoys this part of being a vampire: you could reach anywhere you want in split of second.

At his sight, his son ran towards him and hugged him tightly asking him questions like: what happened, why did you not  return home for days. And crown the questions with: I was frightened and worried.

Tears rolled down his paled cheeks at those emotional questions.

He missed his son.

Then, his fear came.

While still hugging his son, his face was burried on his shoulder exposing his tempting flesh staring into his face.

He was a new vampire, it was difficult for him to master and control the urge to bite his own son but he got hold of it as he pushed him to a side and fled through the window.

He thought for days and deviced another means of survival by drinking animal blood instead of human blood. He practiced it and it worked and the rest of his days he lived in peace with his son and other humans without wanting to sulk life out of them.

That's the end of my story" grandma concluded.

" My children, you can always find solution to every problem. Go home to your parents and come again tomorrow" she said.

And we were dismissed.

©️ London Lucky Talbot✍️

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