That woman caused it!

By Chinenye Ozoemena

The weather is cold, I am freezing and lonely, I am in need of his touches, I think I am in love with my uncle or is it just the way he makes me feel that i love.

Uncle B! Please come back soon, it has been six months since you left home to London to study but it feels like eternity. I miss you so much. I think I should call him.
Me:         Hello Uncle B!

Uncle B: Hello princess! How are you?

Me:         I'm fine, I miss you so much.

Uncle B: Jessica, I miss you more.

Me:         I miss you touches, I miss the way you take my breathe. Steve can't do that for me, neither can Taiwo nor Dennis, Emeka, Dave, Ebuka and George are good but not as good as you. I miss you Uncle B. I decided to try Ola but he is a total disappointment.

Uncle B: Haa! Jessie ! Within six months.

Me:        You said, I should get a boyfriend nah.

Uncle B: Yes, I said you should get a boyfriend not clients. Are you an harlot?

Me:         Non of them satisfies me. I am trying to get a boyfriend just like you suggested. I am not an harlot, I will never be. I am already used to three times a day. If I don't get it thrice daily, It will like dead is capturing me.

Uncle B: At sixteen? Jessica, At sixteen? Non of them is satisfying you? Huh?

Me:         i can't help it. I always want it. I will die if I don't get it.

Uncle B: That was why I ran away from that house before you will kill me. You are never satisfied. 

Me:          Haa! Uncle B!

Uncle B:  Yes! Every morning, you want my touch, Every afternoon, you want my touch, Every night you want my touch, even in the midnight! I be food?

Me.          I thought, you said you love me.

Uncle B.   Of course, I love you but i love myself first.

Me:           Uncle B, you turned me into this.

Uncle B:   I didn't, you agreed, you loved it.

Me:           It is a lie. You made me love it. You betrayed my mother's trust. You turned her child, she kept under your watch into a sex freak.

Uncle B:    You had a choice.

Me:            I had a choice? A seven years old girl had a choice? I had no knowledge of what I was doing. You deceived me! For nine years? Uncle B? Nine years? I was always available to satisfy you and your detestable urge. You turned me into this cheap slut that beg for sex. Uncle Benjamin! I paid for sex...weeping
Uncle B: Look Jessica, I am deeply regretful. I regret doing it. I am sorry.

Me:         So now, you are sorry? After this? You are sorry? I can't live without sex, and you are sorry? I have had sex with practically almost all the males in my neighborhood, both married and unmarried, and you are sorry? My destiny is destroyed and all you can say is I am sorry. What the hell will SORRY solve? 

Uncle B:  I am sorry. I didn't control my sexual desire.

Me:          Don't give me that shit! You and that woman are useless! 

Uncle B:   I am sorry.

Me:           I don't blame you completely...I blame that woman! This was happening under her nose but she had no clue because she is blinded my money and business...crying.
              I hung up on him.
Uncle Benjamin, my mother's younger brother began to stay with us after the demise of my father. My mother took up the management of our family's business and had little time for me so she brought Uncle B from Grandma's place to Lagos. Uncle B took really care of me and the house but he also destroyed some part of me if not all.
Uncle B would insert his finger into my vagina in the name of bathing me and I would cry out in pain, he will caress my bum bum, fondled my nipple, he would make me suck his manhood. At eight, I had already had sex but my mother didn't notice, even when I tried telling her, she didn't care or have time for me.

Now, I am an expert at it and can't live without it, then he is running from me. I want it every second yet she thinks i am a virgin. God is also to be blamed.
Was it my fault that my mom has not time for me?

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