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Monday, September 7, 2020

Wake up

Wake up

 By Chinenye Ozoemena

There was time, I felt useless.

There was a time, I felt I was a failure.

There was a time, I planned suicide.

There was a time, I ran away from people for fear of being rejected.

There was a time, I made Television, Writing and Music, my acquaintance.

There was a time, I dread stepping out the house.

There was a time, I felt a housewife is the only thing I am capable of being.

There was a time, I hated God.

There was a time, I would cry when sent on an errand, that takes me outside the house( you don't want to imagine).

There was a time, The doctor said, I carry  a lot of loads, whereas I don't but the heaviness of my heart constituted that load.

There was a time,  I was lonely.

There was a time, I was a liability.

There was a time, I was a failure.

There was a time, 'wetting my pillow' was a way of life.

There was a time, I was ruled by fear.

There was a time,  my best friend and all my friends left me.

There was a time, I ate tears, drank unhappiness and sharing a bed with pain.

I write this with tears in my eyes.
I have always wanted to tell people, especially young people, my story but it will have to wait for now.

I was fifteen when I realised, "Life is not a bed of roses but of thorns".
I was fifteen when I wanted to commit suicide.
I was fifteen when I concluded God does not exist.
I was fifteen when I went running into my shell.
I was fifteen when I started running away from people.
I was fifteen when I lost my radiant smile.
I was fifteen when I believed a housewife was my calling.
I was fifteen when I cut off any form of friendship.
I was fifteen when I became a shadow of my original self.

(If I continue, you will grow weary)

I am out of my shell now.

I was completely out of my shell.

The days of my tears is over.

It is now my time to rule the world.

I have the world at the tip of my finger.

I have not fully conquered but I am conquering.

Taking charge.

Filling the world with my presence.

Making sure I leave my footprint in the sand of time.

The world is mine!

Yes, you.
Are you still dwelling in your pains?
Are you making impact? Have you concluded you are useless? Are you like me? Running from your shadow?
Come on! Face that fear, tell him, you are wiser, stronger and faster.

You were given this world to explore. There is nothing GOD didn't place under you. Make the most of it.

You are the captain of your life. Inferiority complex, fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem are your prisoners and not your lords.

Wake up! You have got everything  you need to be a success, right inside of you. You are to rule and take dominion over the earth.

Every great person you see or read about or heard about had a story, they lived in pain too, they had days when they felt completely useless, they experience those pains you are experiencing and even more. But they woken up and controlled it.

You are born for greatness.
Nothing limits you.
You are the only obstacle, you have
Wake up! And rule!
Stop the pity party and face the task ahead.
Walk pass the sorrow because when you  do, you see the victory.
Wake up! And conquer..
Wake up! And lead.
You are the captain of the ship of your life and not fear or self-doubt.

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