Do this and your life will experience 10X Transformation

Do this and your life will experience 10X Transformation

In the year 2016, Gallup, an international organization popularly known for conducting public opinion polls carried out a worldwide poll to determine the percentage of people who are happy in the world but they were gobsmacked as they discovered that 87.6 % of the world's population is unhappy. For your information, this represents a staggering number of 7.65 billion people of the world's population. What this simply means is that those cute smiling faces in each and every corner of our cities and streets are not really happy as we assume they are.

This reality is largely due to the fact that most people live by impulse. This means that they are not intentional about living so, they live merely by the urges that show up at any given time of their life. The obvious truth is that no one gets anywhere worthwhile without being intentional about life. Being intentional about what you hear, what you speak, what occupies your mind and your environment (association) will bring 10X transformation in your life.

Successful wealthy people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner and the list goes on all have one strategic thing in common, they are intentional about living and that has translated into making them high performance people in all fields of life. Being a high performance person means being all you can be 24/7 and 365 days a year. It means consistently pushing the edge of the envelope no matter what.

The question you will be asking right now is how can one be intentional about living ?

The answer is summed up in what I call the Tripod Strategy (TS)  which has proven to very effective when properly utilized.

1. Define your Purpose/ the Life You are Hungry for

Engage in mulling moments, discover your true purpose and the kind of life you will love to live, When you are done with this process, write down your purpose and the kind of life you desire. Remember, the faintest ink is better than the strongest memory. This is very pivotal and will serve as checks and balances to keep you from deviating.

2. Have a Blueprint for your Daily Life

Consciously and meticulously draft out your to-do list and incorporate daily activities that are in line with your defined purpose. Keep track of your daily progress to evaluate how effective you have been and determine if you are a step closer to your defined purpose at the end of the day. Remember, what gets measured, gets accomplished.

3. Be Conscious of your Environment (association)

To achieve this, you have to be careful about the people you associate with on daily basis. Picture yourself been around Bill Gates for a month.Will your life be transformed ? The answer is obvious, your life will be 10X transformed. Make sure you hang around those who are living a purposeful life and are hungry to grow. Your association influences your productivity.

It is advisable to keep track of the people you meet and hang around with daily and how they take you a step closer to your purpose. This singular act will help you know who to filter and who to keep because your association will certainly rub off on you. Remember, eagles never fly with sparrows.

 Be intentional about your living and your life will be 10X transformed.

Trust you find this helpful.

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Ogele Damian

Copy writer/ Content creator

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