Does a whole day at the gym make a difference ?

Does a whole day at the gym make a difference ? 

It is no longer news that in the space and time we have found ourselves, most people desire great physique. There is no doubt that they need no magician to know that mere desire for great physique doesn't get the work done.

To get great physique, people commit to working out each and every day and those who hold on to this always get what they want but on the other hand, those whose flare dies off because maybe they spent a whole day at the gym hoping to get great physique only to be discouraged and wish that a gym candy can get the work done. It is only then that they come to terms with the fact that spending a whole day at the gym doesn't make a difference but consistently working out for just 30 minutes everyday for 356 days will make a stunning difference.


This is largely due to the great power of compounding. People on several occasions pay avid attention to intensity instead of consistency.  The intensity of doing things is all about the degree at which things are done while consistency is the frequency at which things are done. This entails how regular something is done.

Can you mention any celebrated champion you know that didn't put in many years of consistent practice before becoming one, in the world of sports ? I doubt if there is any and that confirms the fact that it doesn't matter the field of endeavour you find yourself, life is all about consistency. To achieve your goals and aspirations in life, you need to consistently do what is required. Without consistency, nothing gets completed and there will be no substantial achievement.

 The importance of consistency remains glaring even to the blind. No matter your expertise in your chosen career, once you become inconsistent, you find out that you start diminishing in your productivity. One of the world's greatest instrumentalist once said, “ If I miss a week of practice, I know it but if I miss 2 weeks of practice, my critics know it and if I miss 3 weeks of practice, my audience knows it". This clearly demonstrates the relevance of consistency in all we do.

To further illustrate the power of consistency, I want you to pay close attention to what I am about to say in the next few lines. In the far East, there is a tree called the Chinese Bamboo tree. This phenomenal tree takes five years to grow. It requires to be watered and nurtured until it breaks through the ground. It doesn't break through the ground until the fifth year and when it does, it grows ninety feet tall just in five weeks. What this means is that watering and nurturing it for just four years will not get it to break through the ground unless it is consistently done for five years. For you to have your “ninety feet tall Chinese Bamboo tree” in any field of your endeavour, you have to consistently water and nurture it each and every day for five years. 

Consistency can be developed for anything you are doing despite that it is not an easy one but I assure you that if you do, it will be a turning point in your life. The best way to get this done is by always fixing your mind on the desired result in whatever you are doing rather than on the processes you have to go through. This gives a formidable reason why you have to keep doing whatever you need to do until you get your desired result.

Remember, a whole day at the gym doesn't make a difference.

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Ogele Damian

Copy Writer / Content Creator

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