No more should we be in pain

Days and nights swing.

Parents watch their children die,we still sing the songs of sorrows when we are supposed to be on eagles wing.

Even though we tried to throw our hats to the ring with our full chest,we still have sleepless night wondering ,and at the same time pondering what the future is for the youths.

My train of thought in tintinabulation .

Sadness, starts to reside in my heart,seing the unlawful harrasment and tribulations inflicted by the ones who are supposed to watch our back in this nation.This is sardonic!

Where does it end? Where does the bloodshed of our youths end? Where does our dream tends to?

We are the leaders of tomorrow and yet today we are been slain by the same hands that supposed to protect our course.

Yesterday is gone but today we burn and churn.

How can you tell this ,that we are afraid to walk the streets of our fatherland .No guarantee that we can walk down the street without being harrased, without being extort or without being deemed suspicious as well?

We are being killed in the streets from a bullet fired from a gun in the hand of a man that was hired to protect and serve.

Protest is not a crime ,yet they shot at us on sight . Gathering for justice isn't either ,yet we are been chased .Harms are being brought to the unarmed ,excersing our rights . We hid behind the shield yet we are not protected for justice.

In the midst of all we would persist to be better, we will resist the urge for our hands to be withered ,for our heads are held up high our shoulders above our head, we won't bend our knees to just anyone until we put an end to this adversity and police brutality.

Now the youth have realized we could pick brains.

United we stand to put an end to the reign of these men who have been the bane of the innocent youths existence.

I could see the pains in our eyes covered with blood stains, nothwitstanding the rain of maladays, we move.

Confidence is the stain ,and we are ready to take the bull by the horn.

Enough of the brutality that has render our innocent youths dreams unrealized.

Together we will hold hands, marching the streets and the walls of the nation.

Together we will stand tall and answer this call for justice, for what bind us would be stronger than what separate us.

No more should we be in pain for the blood of our innocent youths will not be in vain. End SARS, end police brutality, end SWAT let the land be green again.




© Ifediogor uche

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Unknown said…
Nice write up....still we move. Police brutality must end.