It was a wonderful day in the month of September,

A day I will always remember,

I met a friend born in October.

Just like me why couldn't he be born in November?

He is a talented drummer and a singer,

A band member not a clubber,

not a dancer like me though.

No one thought will be best of friends like ever,

Perhaps you still misremember,

The ladder to our friendship made us clamber.

Grateful to God it was never a cumber.

To a friend who never leaves you in danger 

Who helps your worries and frustrations disencumber 

In times of difficulties he will try to make you feel as cold as cucumber. 

Am grateful forever.

I will have your name engraved in my tree of memories by an inscriber.

I will have the streets decorated in Gold and Amber.

In every count you will be first number 

In every alphabet you will always be first letter.

You're my best friend I will never disremember.

Happy eight years anniversary to our friendship

We shall see no sinking ship 

(dedicated to David Daniel Patrick)

©Victoriana Precious Benson

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