Awakened by a sound like that from an elephant's tusk

From break of dawn till dusk

Capturing precious moments is my pride

Never taking my job as just a ride

Am enchanted by the beauty of nature bringing them to hand to be taken freely around the globe

Awaiting the nature that freely moves to capture beautiful images of them

Here they come,

magnificent are they as the city of Rome

Am a lover of black,

their smiles gives me colours I might lack

Camera ready, lights on, strike a pose

Smile leaving your teeth expose

embrace the moment,looking as beautiful as a rose

Focused i am capturing the one who has caused  captivation

Image glittering with illumination

Their beautiful smiles bringing imperfection to perfection

Smiles and laughter are the foundation of photography,for even nature seems to give them so freely

Yes am a photographer who  makes your precious moments turn into a memory you won't be able to forget entirely

Am a photographer at Kx studios

One day, hopefully my name will be  announced on  televisions and radios

I chose photography forever

God bless me, my work, and everyone 

As memories kept us as one

(dedicated to Hakeem praise and young John at Kx studios)

_©Victoriana Precious Benson_

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