Roomie 1


Roomie 1

By Enyo dinta

She grinned at me, let a loud laugh and chuckle in sequence.

She looked different this morning- some hungered old piece of rag for some filth. I didn't care so much, it wasn't the first time she returned from club that way.

"Dee!" She called out to me in an unusual manner. Though startled, I maintained my pose. "Dee! Where the hell are my pills?"

Zania  wouldn't want to understand that I was saving her - popping those pills on a daily - different shapes, sizes and packs.

Once had she taken some substance and nearly got me raped. Thinking it now, I should have let her and seen what she could have done without a penis.

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It was at about 1am, after trying so much to put her to sleep two hours earlier. She woke up muttering something like, " I like it baby, just like that, you know I like it, damn! Feels so good... " I only hissed and continued my reading. About five minutes later and she was calm again. I dropped the book I was reading and crawled up to the mattress we both owned. Usual twenty minutes ritual of counting before sleep visits, I was about shutting my eyes when a felt some soft palm walk across my bellybutton from my back, I shook it off and repositioned. Again the hand came, this time around my bosom region, this time with a firm hold. I quickly held the hand and turned to know what exactly was wrong with this punishment of a roommate. I turned to meet her eyes looking at me alluringly. "I want you Dee, I'm so wet baby, help me..." She said with the most touching voice I've heard her use, and gradually her voice went down. "Zania are you okay? What kind of thing is this now?" Came through my mouth before I could even think. I covered her up with the cotton material we used on less cold nights, almost wrapping her up. I stood up and wore some cotton long pants to cover the previous string I was wearing, a light blouse to cover the only breast covering camisole I wore. She was calm and snoring, so I went back to the mattress. I dosed off almost immediately.

I felt some sensation on my back, close to my bum, it was warm and welcoming, I ignored and slept off, again something was ticklish around my vagina so I jumped. Lo! Zania coming close with all the furry of a dog on heat. "Zania! What are you doing?" I asked pressing the pillow to my chest. "You know I love you Dee, I want you babe, don't say no please."

"I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!". I screamed. To me, only the devil had gotten into her but no! The devil was innocent joor.

Zania  pinned me to the wall where I sat terrified, she grinned at me seductively with that look of, " I got you!"

Zania  reached for my left breast while blocking me with her other hand. I pushed her away with all the strength in me, damn she was aggressive, and with the help of whatever substance she took became a supper aggressive woman.

She fell to the floor hitting her elbow hard, I knew she wouldn't stop at that, so I reached for the pillows, throwing them at her while reaching for the keys. She wasn't sure of my intention but wouldn't take chances either. I headed for the door, I was almost at it when she grabbed me by my cotton pants, pulling me back to herself. Zania  pushed me to the bed, held my both hands apart, and tied my legs with hers, I wriggled and looked at her face. She had that satisfactory smile. I looked her helplessly as her tongue moved from below my abdomen upwards in a sensual manner. "Damn! This is sweet Dee." She said giving that evil grin. I was bigger, using my size as an advantage pulled up and gave her a knee on the waist, she let go to feel her pain. I reached for the door, opened and ran out locking her in. I was helpless outside, with the mosquitoes and the uncanny sounds of animals going all up and down. It wasn't better than my mattress, except for Zania's absence. I laid there till morning, with my mind made up that I'll move out at dawn. Zania begged, rolling on the floor that I didn't leave, it wasn't her plea, but the truth that I didn't have money then to do so. A lot of other things had happened because of her addiction, but I managed somehow, she trusts me than anyone else on the planet, in return, I want to help her get better; in the now, I doubt my ability.

"I don't know about any pills." I responded.

"Dee! I'll kill you in this house I swear!" She said aggressively sniffing like a hungered dog...

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