Roomie 2


Roomie 2

By Enyo dinta

I left the room for Zania as she continued sniffing, I knew she could get violent, owing to the fact that I didn't know all the activities she partook in sleeping away from home last night.

I went over to Fizzu's room. Fizzu is one of those many neighbours who think I'm doing everything wrong for keeping up with all of Zania's excesses. Though he would always tell me how much he liked me, but it had to end at it. We were neighbors; thinking it was rough enough, talk more of the actual thing. Again, Zania told me once how she liked Fizzu so much, "Dee, that our neighbor, the one with moustaches, abs, cute face, a generator, TV, cushion, tall, soft spoken, yes na that one that is slim...oh! I love slim boys, they're good girl, get yourself one; not my Fizzu though." I only listened pretending to be interested in the conversation, the only way to keep her calm. It was usually difficult trying to understand Zania the first time we started staying together, because of her adjectival placements, but when I got to know her, I found out that they were placed according to her own priorities.

Fizzu offered me a glass of juice and stressed that I shouldn't reject, I was the one running away from my house and finding a hiding at his, it could look uncool if I rejected, so I collected the glass and had a sip.

"Fizzu doesn't know me, I'll so deal with his idiotic self. Did I warn all of you or not? Didn't I warn you all that you can mess with me all you want? Didn't I also warn you that no one can mess with Dee? Did I not? Fizzu dared me..." I heard those words and trying to place the voice. It was Zania, she sounded very vexed. I tried jumping to my feet like I used too, but my body was numb with my head playing some strange instrumentals to me. I was sweating so badly and needed air. I was terrified, and called to Zania the loudest I could. Thank God she heard me, rushed into the room at once, panting. "Zania" I called out faintly. "I'm here Dee, I'm here for you, what took you so long to wake? My dear baby girl..." She talked and her voice soon turned to murmur while she rubbed my head with her palm. "Zania, I need air. What's happening to me?" I mumbled. "I'm sorry Dee, I caused it. I'm so sorry. Come let's go outside for some air, lemme help you."

Zania helped me out to the corridor, it was terrifying the number of people outside of our house. All of them wore the sympathy and anger emotion. I hadn't seen a people with exact emotions at same time before. I sat looking at them while leaning on Zania. "Sorry Dee, how do you feel?" Asked El rubbing my left foot.

"Zania, why is everyone in our house? What happened?"  I asked.

"Fizzu drugged you... I'm sorry." I sure didn't hear well, but the countenances of the other occupants told the whole truth. "But why?" I managed to ask. "I don't know." Responded Gephen.

"I looked out here for you, couldn't find you, I made you noodles Dee, I made you noodles to apologize for my behaviour in the morning, it was getting cold. So I came out and sat right here waiting for you when I saw Fizzu rush out looking stressed, I asked after you, his said he didn't know but his anxiety through his face betrayed him. He left, so I ran to his flat, and saw your footwear in his corridor with the protector locked. Dee I called you, I screamed your name, when you didn't respond, I had to call for help. We broke into his room and saw you tucked in his bed but unconscious. I saw the pills too, I recognised them... I'm sorry Dee, if I hadn't pushed you away, you wouldn't have gone there."

"Fizzu? Why?" I mumbled.

"We're all surprised too, shey Fizzu be like person wey get sense?..." Said Gephen.

"I no know say em be bad person, but why did he do it?" Added El.

"This matter is a bit complicated, if not, why did he drug her, there are no traces that he raped her..." Said Fofo. "Exactly!" Seconded Gephen and El.

"The way he tucked her in his bed comfortably too... Wait oh! Did he want to kidnap her?"

"All this one na long talk, we should reported to the police immediately..." Said Ene.

"Clean your mouth Ene! You just open your mouth and talk nonsense!" Scolded Gephen.

"Ene, we've been functioning well with your mouth closed, so keep it so." Seconded El.

"Ene how far is the police station from here? Why didn't you go? Ehn! You should have gone, how were you expecting us to leave Dee alone and go to the police? Have you forgotten that Fizzu's father is the commissioner for this state? What a futile journey it would have been? We don't want the police! We will stay here, and wait for him to come back. Thankfully, this isn't worse than it is now." Added Fofo.

I guess the others didn't want to talk for the fear of being tackled. "Sorry" came a lot and soon turned a melodious song to my ear.

I sat looking at my lovely neighbors...

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