Memories do we need all?

Mayhaps we do not need all

Like stars,memories glitters so well

when awful days comes,pains comes in ways you cannot tell

When the waters washes all away

it leaves you so empty like a garbage thrown away

Memories bearing fire on Saturn's rings

Leaving her soul in continuous dings

Having gotten her soul locked up in different bings

Watching sadness and happiness getting in mings

pains causing stings

Memories acting up like a king of kings

One day,she keeps hoping to fly on Eagle's wings

The hurts deepens into her soul

he loved not her soul

She thrives to bring him to herself

Pains brought her instead to himself

If only time could be reversed

She would have observed

and chosen a better Lane from  diverse

However life is an obverse

If she could erase the hurtful memories

She wouldn't be crushed by Shadow's past made by pain factories

So let nature breathe into her

so hard,so forcefully into her

so let peace be restored again in her

Let the flowers bloom once again

Let her broken heart be healed again

So the magic forgotten can be home again

She shines brighter than the sun

She rises higher than the eagle

Watch her glow

Where she grow

Time healing those wounds

Turning every weakness to strength creating  unbreakable bonds

©Victoriana Precious Benson

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