The burden of expectations (To whom much is given, much is expected)

The burden of expectations (To whom much is given, much is expected).

By Ifediogor Uche

If only we could stop hoping and expecting then we would not be living a life burdened with expectations. But that’s easier said than done. Like death, not expecting is impossible...... Unknown

Expectations are a natural part of being human.Our life is full of expectations from ourselves and from others. Often most of those expectations are realistic,in  another context, it's unrealistic.

Most people survive the heat in the kitchen on crumbs of expectations, while some without any equiovacation are robbed off, becoming slaves and victims of expectations.

Apart from societal pressure on expectations  and the negative influence it has bestowed on people,I would also like to quip the old cliche "to whom much is given much is expected"

A case study on this would be in the footballing world. But then moving forward I would like to drop this assertion;

Alina Gorbatch wrote "The experience of anything is a result of two things: the characteristic of the experience (e.g., the quality of the product, the reality of the event, the actual abilities of a person) and what we expect from this experience (e.g., the expectations from the product, the interpretation of the event, the stereotype about the person’s abilities). 

The truth is that when it comes to what employers values most expectation, results are amongst many of them.

Absolutely, no one can dispute the fact that employers need to see a certain level of performance from the employees.Because much of what goes into the employer-employee relationships revolves around this. That's expectation.

Recently , Chelsea football club fired their manager Frank lampard because he didn't meet up to the expectations.

In the summer of 2019, Frank Lampard was appointed Chelsea head coach on a three-year contract. That's a big leap from Derby to Chelsea.

He got the job 18 months ago and in his first season ,there was no pressure on him to deliver , nobody expected him or with high hopes of delivering ,reason being that at the time he came Chelsea lost their best player  Eden Hazard, the man responsible for 50 percent of goal contributions last season, the club was also placed on embargo, on transfer ban and couldn't dive into the transfer market to get the so desired players.

However, on that course ,Frank made use of what he had at his disposal and also promoting some young academy into the first team .He  was able to use these players and exceeded what people expected of him by qualifying for champion league and even took the team to the FA cup finals which he lost to Arsenal. 

Fastforward , before the start of the new season the transfer ban was already lifted. He was able to go to the transfer market and brought in some players which were worth about £220m . Now ,all eyes were on him to deliver even more than what he did before with the crop of players he used. Pressure ,was mounted on him even before he could know because to whom much is given much is expected, and then with great power comes great responsibility.

Having set the bar high in the transfer market this summer, they were high hopes , thoughts to  be  serious challenger for the premier league title, not eschewing the  champions League trophy this season too. 

These expectations and high hopes could trace it roots  heavily on the arrival of big names: Timo Werner, Hakim ziyech, Kia harvertz, Ben chillwell, Thiago Silva, Edouard Mendy ,not to mention but a few.

With the bolstered squad , and with the addition of these players ,it is not out of place to say that Chelsea FC wanted to do better than in the previous years.

Unfortunately, for him the process was cut short. As pressure grew cracks begins to show. It was well written on the wall. Of course expectations rose hugely and he became a victim of that. He lost it, even with the players he got, he couldn't put in a great performance.

Winning, however, generally salves all wounds but in this scenario loosing 5 out of possible eight games has taken the shine off everything  else and every other point he garnered at the start of  the season.

Some things led to another with runs of winneless streak and bad results. Increased expectations and man management cost him his Job. Until finally he was sacked, Chelsea has lost five of its last eight Premier League games and dropped to ninth place, despite Lampard benefitting from nearly $300m spent on new players for this season.

According to Phil Neville 'We know what happens at Chelsea when more expectation comes, in the sense that they want instant results"

In a rare statement published on Monday 25 2021,Chelsea Said the performances had “not met expectations” and left the team “without any clear path to sustained improvement” – making a change of managers necessary with former Paris Saint-Germain coach Thomas Tuchel set to be hired.

In the final analysis, the expectations of consistently reliable performance is always a big deal. Delivery of results is one of the heaviest load to carry as an individual . It's actually a requirement to quarentee or buy you time in any position.

In all modesty, without any further ado, Lampard has left a legacy in West London both as a player and a coach ,even though his managerial career wasn't a match to his playing career at Chelsea.

Definitely, he will be remembered making use of the resources he had when he first took the job ,taking the club through a transfer ban and giving the young academy products chance to be promoted and integrated into the first team. The likes of Mason mount who was the captain in his last game as a Chelsea manager, Abraham, Tomori, Reece James,Billy Gilmore and the host of others who benefited from him.

In conclusion,  I would want to ask , irrespective of this word  " to whom much is given much is expected"

1. Do we really have to expect too much too soon when much is being given and  how do we keep ourself from expecting too much too soon?

2. Do we actually have to wait patiently to build, soak up the pressure and deliver even when the weather is not fair at the moment when great responsibility is entrusted to you.

3. Or do we just have to cut it when not delivering instant results because of the price tag without giving much time or room to build?

4. Irrespective of the price tag, should we  treat people better, give them more opportunities to succeed even when the high expectations are not yielding results yet?

Your idea , comments are well appreciated in the comment section.

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