How to verify your domain on Facebook

By Ifediogor Uche

The importance of you verifying your domain on Facebook can never be overemphasize. Sometimes Facebook can block your link (URL) rendering you unable to share your contents on Facebook. This can be frustrating ,cos it will keep you at Bay from reaching a large number of people on Facebook when you want to share your posts from your websites or blog to your Facebook pages. However , to verify your Facebook all you need to do is to go to
Sign in there is automatically free once you have a Facebook account.. then click on business settings. Once you click on the business settings it will show your account and all that has to do with your  business account settings on Facebook. Under it is brand and safety, domains.. from the domains spot you can add your domain that you own. You will see an icon showing add. Add your domain and your blog name. This can be for anything including company. Once you are don with adding it then you have to verify the domain. This is a crucial part of your journey to unblocking your url. There are two approaches to use their, DNS verification approach and HTML  file upload. Once you download the HTML go to the cpanel of where your website or blog is hosted. Login and apply to the public directory of the domain or website..when you are done login in and click on the file manager . When you get to the file manager look out for the domain ,open the public folder then click upload. Then I upload the file I downloaded . Once it's upload I log out of the cpanel. Then I will go back to fb business click on verify to show the file has been uploaded once u click it viola it's been verified. With this you have verified your domain on fb therefore you won't be having issues of your url being blocked stopping you from sharing contents on  ur pages. Putting icing on the cake, you would have to add asset to the domain this would give u options to select as many Facebook pages you have so u add the specific fb page u want to add, after selecting it then you click add. If you have other fb pages you can as well select and add them too.Afterwards, go to the connected assets you would see those pages you added. Viola u have finally verified your domain on fb so u will no longer have any issues with blocking of your url on Facebook.... Ta-da , congratulations.

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