Which Of These Musical Groups Would You Bring Back?

5 Groups you would like to see reunite in Nigeria music industry

In the candor, music is life. A good music has a way of piercing through your soul and get you elevated , especially when it is been delivered with great lyrics, contents and emotions that ensue. 

Music can raise someone's mood, get them excited, or make them calm and relaxed.

Everyone wants to be soaked or simply put wallow in a downer jam If a song is worthy of your attention and ears you will find it beautiful, and ever green.

To put into perspective, some music groups that has brought joy and savor every moment has come and go.

Some took entertainment to another level ,inspiring some of us with  their best work, buzz making them a force to reckon with in the industry and also a household name.


Sequel to this, one could argue that is probably obvious that a group might break up irrespective of their years of existence. On the other hand there is no way one would ever have predicted the split of a band/group who took togetherness as the air they breath. In other words what binds them could actually be stronger than what separate them. But the big truth is that we are humans, and we have our differences.

Change is bound to happen in one way or the other, however nothing is promised or sure guaranteed when it comes to that.

Over the course of the last decade, it's really been hard to maintain a career band group. One thing or the other could crash the group.

It could be said that , actually ,not all breakups are permanent but some are forever.

Many of our favorites bands have been in the spotlight for decades and remain together even when they had fight and hostility between clashes, while some others too could not stand the test of time.

However, group breakups can devastate fans who are faithful followers of the music group.

Now, in this article,we would want to ask our listeners, readers and music enthusiast out there,if they have an ample opportunity to bring back a group to live or together who would they bring back.?

We’ve put together a collection of the 5 Groups in Nigeria that  broke up . No doubt, many of us have  our own  favorite bands/group amongst them. The list of 5 selected group that broke up have been put up together below ,so feel free to contribute in the comment section the group you would like/want to be back. The following are:

1. Plantashun Boiz

2. P-Square

3. Mo' Hits

4. Styl-Plus

5. Kc Presh

Hey guys let's roll and hit the comment section


If you were to bring back one of these groups, which group would you bring back?

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Ceetimax.com.ng said…
I want Psquare back. I don't really know the problem with the duo.
I really miss them.
Mynaijalite said…
Me too I want P-Square back