How to leave the friendzone

What does it mean to be in friendzone?

First of all what does it mean to be friend zoned?

In simple terms when a girl friend zones you it means she doesn’t see you in the light of being in a romantic relationship with you, you’re like a brother to her.

As much as we don’t like to admit it, many of us have found ourselves in the friendzone. It's an awkward situation. Anyone that has experience this ,has one or two to tell especially when you are so much into your love interest and you can't even throw your hat to the ring . Someone you love may not feel the same about you. To them you are just a friend or like a brother. It really sucks and hurt when you are seeking for more but the feeling isn't mutual. Somehow ,along the line it can be so frustrating.


1. She tells you about other guys. Hi

2. You are her shoulder to lean on and cry on when she’s having relationship problems. 

3. She never touches you intimately/there is no romance

4. You’re invited as the 3rd wheel with her boyfriend.

This one is really bad. You really can't express your self in this situation. It is so difficult to express your affection in such scenario.

5. You’re her go buddy: 

At her every beck and call,you answer. And always willing to do errands for her.

6. Your emotional needs are not being met

7. She’s always trying to set you up with other people

One of the obvious signs that your love interest has friendzone you is that  she sets you up on a date with other girls. The implications of this is that she doesn't see you as her boyfriend material or romantic partner. The truth is girls can be jealous, so if she's really into you and love you like you do she would not set you up with other girls because she would always want to protect you from others. No girl who is crazy about you or into would set you up for a date with another girl.

8. She’s constantly asking for favours that is suppose to be done by a boy friend

9. She sees you as too young to date


It's frustrating being in the friendzone.Though it's difficult to leave the friendzone, but it's not impossible. Getting out of the friendzone may not happen immediately, it could be a process just as everything takes time.  Getting over the friendzone means you have to do things differently. It's only a mad man that will continue to do same thing and expect different results. That's insanity. In other words, if what you have been doing isn't working, try tweak things up on the flip side. You could change your approach, mindset.

Imagine you’re trying to build a house. You going to need some tools, money , planing to build that beautiful house. In other words, for you to come out of friendzone their are things to take into consideration. To help you out, here are some tips


1. Be intentional about leaving the friend zone:

Don’t be double minded it would lead to you giving her mixed signals. Make your intentions clear and tell her that you want more than a friend. Stop assuming she's aware ,chances are their that she doesn't even know.The girl you’re totally into may not even know that you stay up all night thinking about her.

2. Compliment her regularly.

If you’re currently stuck in the friend zone, then this is for you.Compliments are a great way to make someone else feel good and special.

Girls love to be acknowledged. They love compliment . So, Another good way to go leave the friendzone is to compliment your love interest in romantic ways. Talk about her beauty, her shape, personality . Make her feel you appreciate all that 

3. Have self respect

Carry yourself in a way she would want to date you. Be committed to your value. You will actually gain self respect

4. Take charge

If you want to escape the friend zone, stop following her lead doing everything and anything she wants to do. 

Let it not be like she’s controlling you. Raise your standard and take charge.

5. Be thoughtful 

You can buy her thoughtful gifts in line with your budget .For instance,  if she complains about something, you can get it for her ,it shows you’re listening

6. Take her out on a date or dinner

You can take her out on a date or romantic dinner, just to subtly show her your intentions


1. Ensure you’re direct

2. At the same time be sweet, romantic and manly

3. Maintain eye contact when talking. Eye contacts is always a very powerful tool just like communication. It holds the power of presence. 

4. If you’re not funny don’t crack and joke ... it would just make things awkward

5. Tickle her fantasy 😉

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