INTERVIEW: Meet ENYO DINTA, the author of whole within.

Good evening readers and everyone,  My name is Ifediogor uche, and I will be taking you on this ride to meet, greet and know ENYO DINTA, the author of "HOLE WITHIN"

We have here in our midst, Enyo Dinta, the author of Holes Within, a Nigerian Undergraduate from Federal University Otuoke.

Without much Ado!  Firstly, I will ’like to say thank you for the opportunity and it’s nice meeting you Ma

Alright! Ladies and gentle men let's make welcome the one and only ENYO DINTA  and get to know her?

ENYO DINTA: Thanks so much Myniajalite. It's a pleasure, you having me.

You are welcome! So, please tell us about you, a brisk introduction about the person of ENYO DINTA

Thank you, I'm Enyo Dinta; I'm female, a writer - prose and poetry, sometimes plays too, I'm a part time fashion designer and a great lover of good food and the good life

Wow , interesting,such an amazing talent and qualities you possess there. Ok,So tell us as a student ,how do you combine all these that you mentioned without any having to suffer?

Part of what to do as a student is writing, and for the fashion designing as I said, is a part-time thing. I get to do it when there's space for it.

Alright ,that's pretty cool. We have heard about your book " Hole within"  As the author of "hole within" Every author is excited to talk about their work and  most recent book. What would you like to say about the book ,"hole within" . How did it come into play and what are the circumstances that birthed it ? 

Holes within
Holes within

Holes Within has a dominant theme of feminism, though that  wasn't intended but it turned out so.
I started the story a few years back visiting my undergraduate friends, most of whom have graduated. I was fascinated by the school life and wanted to talk about it even though I wasn't a student at the time.
I encountered some unfavorable occurrences that led me to dropping the story. I picked it again two years ago, then I was already an undergraduate. Seeing the things happening around me, plus the kind of exposure I had gained; somehow the story took it's turns on its own. I was just writing and somehow I found out there was so much to write about. That's how it happened abs like I said, I didn't intend the twists it took but it turned out well enough, I'm proud of my story.

Great! How did you start writing? What inspires you when it comes to writing and how did you get your ideas.?

I stated writing because I didn't have people to talk to. As a growing child nobody listened to me or asked me if I wanted to say anything. I grew in isolation and found solace in the pages of my class notebooks, I progressed to getting a forty leaves exercise book...haha!
Ever since, I've bought bigger books.

For my inspiration, I draw it from anywhere at all, but I feel I do better with thoughts of things or people I like in mind.

Many writers tries to model their work to a particular person in the industry, as a writer who is your role model and who has inspired you the most.?

The inspiration I'll never forget came from Chambers Umezulike, the author of Malcolm. I started writing again after I tagged withmy then friend, Chidozie Nnachor whom was also a bossom friend of Chambers. That was in 2015. I was very young and fragile, but meeting Chambers changed me forever.

Uuhm, it took another level of strength to publish Holes Within, I was anxious and the thought that people may not want to see my work stopped me from coming out as a writer. I came out as a writer towards the second half of 2019, and it's been adventurous. 

Publishing Holes Within was a different thing entirely; I thought I was going to die because I was going through some very hard times, I thought to publish it at least to have something remaining of me when I'm gone. 
I'm still here thankfully.

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