Life As An Adolescent

Life As An Adolescent

At the age of thirteen to the age of Nineteen which is the adolescent age, many young and aspiring youths make lots of mistakes.

At this stage of life, if there's no proper parental upbringing this 'young adults are likely to make a lifetime mistake which can be very dangerous both to the society and to themselves . At this age many of this young adolescents go through a lot of changes and most hormones in the body become very responsive.



At this point in life many of this adolescent would want to explore and experience so many things. Being a relationship for example is very common among other things. They want to know how it feels  to love or be in a relationship, which in most cases they aren't ready but due to peer pressure and the urge to know how it feels like. At this point "Parents who are understanding"  of the situation is what they need. Someone they feel they can trust and rely on.

As a parent who have experienced this in life all they need is for them to know you can be trusted and won't start 'yelling at them.' because after that the child will rather seek advice from friends or the internet. Which in most cases is very dangerous. A parent shouldn't be harsh or rude when advising their kids wether or not to be in a relationship at the early part of adolescent, they expect you to be understanding and want to know your opinion. Put yourself in their shoes and tell them what you did when you were their age too..

2.   Peer pressure

         Adolescents make lots of terrible mistakes due to peer pressure and this mistakes most times live with them even when they group up. As a parent who went through similar stage of life, make your kids understand that it's not right to practice everything being told to do by peer groups. And they should consult an adult before doing anything which seems "weird" or improper..

3.  Decision Making.

 Most adolescents make bad decisions at this stage of life which may sometimes not be reversed and would be a stigma for life.


Unwanted Pregnancy- Many young his girls in our society are suffering due to unwanted Pregnancy they had this stage of life due to no parental controls and has greatly affected them both educationally, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. At this stage this young adults crave for sex due to the constant urge and peer pressures.

Bad influence- Most of them learn how to smoke, fight, womanize, rape,join cults groups, and lots more due to no parental controls. A teenager who have parents who lectures them on what to do and help them make the right decision won't be influenced negatively by peer pressures. It is the obligation of every parent to help their kids at that stage of life. Any wrong decision made is likely to be corrected.

Importance of being hardworking- Children who grow up under the 'umbrella' of lazy parents would likely grow up to be lazy, adolescents learn from their parents everyday life. As parents who want this young adults to be hardworking in the future the best way is to always get them involved when working 


Forgiveness-  If parents don't forgive each other when one is wrong the same goes to this young adults, they will never learn to forgive even the slightest mistake someone made in the future. Parents should be an example to their kids because they learn from what they see in you as their parents.

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