How to optimize your web pages

How to Optimize your Website for SEO

SEO is a very crucial part of blogging. For every visibility and presence in search engine,  SEO can never be neglected. Potential customers can be drawn to you when you make your blog adaptive , they can easily find you more easily once you have presence  and visibility.  However,  on  page optimization Is a great deal .

You have got to make your website useful  to your audience. 

There are host of things to keep your blog going and keep pointing in the right direction.  There are simple things you can do to optimise the pages of your website so search engines can find you more easily. On-page optimisation, or changes you can make on your website’s individual pages, can quickly help search engines better understand your content.

A good SEO,  can attract more traffic and get more opportunities to convert potential customers. 


Consequently, ignorance  is not an excuse in the eyes of the law.   Now, without knowing more about what this optimizations  is or worth to your blog/site and  business, you can’t really know whether this is attracting customers to you or not.

Prior to this, search engine optimisation can be a useful tool in  improving the pages on your website.   There are elements that you can adjust or fine tune  to make your website easier for search engines to see and understand.

Learning how to optimize your website for SEO and conversions is crucial for your site’s success. You also  need to optimize your website to rank well. 

As the world turns and time burns people constantly are looking for solution  to every problem. People are searching for all manner of things directly related to your business. They are asking questions that needs answers . They want you to help answer their questions, solve their problems, and become a trusted allied  for them. 

Even in the internet  world,  people search for different  things. Every moment, humans surf the net to  search,  to find a page which contains the particular  information, products   or  content they need. It  might be a specific product or information about a product or anything else. However, most  importantly is that they are searching  to fulfil that requirement. Its like when you are thirsty,  you will go all out to look for a liquid, not just any liquid but the one that can quench your thirst - Water. And once they get this, they are cool. 

Relatively, as a blogger,  you must make sure they are going to find what they need on your page.  You must provide them that water to quench their thirst, that useful  information,  products  etc.  Therefore,  the page title you must clearly state that the content of the page fulfils their requirements. 

Take for example  you have  a small health system called Kemurch fitness, You offer health and workout tips on your website.  You also are looking to optimise a page about your daily routines and tips. With good SEO practices, a person searching a keyword like “how to stay healthy and strong  in the morning ” might have a better chance of finding that article, at the same time getting to your brand and getting useful information  that points to it. 

On daily basis every blogger while taking time to cook up a quality  article would always be keen  for his article to come up in the search engine results at the top. That is to say, he would want to rank on that specific  keyword.  Suffice to say,  this doesn't  come in handy,  there are some important steps that should be followed in order to get higher ranked in google.

There are several elements on your page that can tell the search engine that the page is about health and workout tips. These include: Keyword research, Backlinks,  meta tags and title, headings and the page copy itself.

Keyword Research  

More often than not people  uses search engines to find products and solutions  these days. With that in mind, you should be doing a good keyword research analysis   to know what people are searching  regularly. All search optimization begins with keyword research  There are a lot of tools out there that will  give you a wide range of relevant  keyword,  search terms, how often they are searched, and the competition over those words. However,  it is good to find a keyword  that have low competition  but high search numbers. 


Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. Google  consider backlinks for SEO optimization . Consequently,  pages with a high number of backlinks have the tendency  of  having high organic search engine rankings.

Utilize outbound and internal links  in your web blogs. Outbound links additionally are called an outer/external  links which direct visitors from your site to another. Internal  links are the links that takes readers starting with one page then onto the next at one site.

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Meta tags and title.

The title tag and the meta description are important SEO elements. 

The meta tags on pages of your website provides knowledge to search engines with what your page is about. 

Every blessed  day billions of searches are conducted online. Every one is looking for one thing or the other. 

The title and meta description are important because they both are used by the search engine to generate the actual search result for the specific page. It helps your search results stand out to the searcher when they are searching particular  terms . In otherwords, they help the search engine determine what’s on the page.

The title is used to create the first line appeared; the meta descriptions  is utilized to produce the couple of short sentences that follow. 

For a page about health and workout tips, you’ll want to make sure that the phrase “health and workout ” is in both the title and meta description. A good title would be: “Kemurch Tips - Health and Workout .” This describes what the page is about and also highlights your company name.

A good meta description  should should be in consonant  with what the page is about. It should  contain your main focused keyword.  It should  be 150-160 characters long . Also, it should contain your main focused keyword.

For instance, “Kemurch fitness  delivers health  & workout tips to you, as often as you need it

There are two things you can optimise here to help search engines categorise your content correctly: headings and page copy.


Like meta tags, headings are installed in the HTML code of your page, but at the same time they're apparent to individuals. Regularly, they're shown at the highest point of a page. An incredible heading would be "New Kemurch health and workout tips " this plainly enlightens an individual about the page however functions admirably for the web search tools, as well. 

At long last, in case you're composing a piece of article about new health and workout  tips, you'll normally need to utilize that express in the duplicate. Try not to go over the edge and rehash the expression again and again in light of the fact that web indexes may consider that to be spam. Recall that you're composing basically for individuals, so be certain your message is clear. Along these lines, we should recap how you've dealt with optimize  the bakery website pages. You've taken a gander at every one of the significant components utilized via web indexes and, in each example, delineated for them, "This page is about health and workout tips." 

Regardless of where web search tools look, they'll see steady and clear information  about what's on the page. Furthermore, that may help improve your web crawler.

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