Top 5 Series to watch on Netflix

Top 5 Series to watch on Netflix

Netflix has a long list of compelling dramas, mind-blowing sci-fi, and hilarious comedies, among other genres available to its subscribers. We have found that many of viewers ask for recommendations to decide which series to watch on Netflix in particular and of any year in general, especially now in these weeks of forced confinement. we are always here to help you, as it is a choice that later entails many hours of pleasure or frustration, we are going to do our best to offer you the best of the best of the series available on Netflix. We assemble it in a ranking plan. This are the heart-stopping final stretch of the series that have really marked us in a more special way, That is why we have created this updated list with the 5 best series on Netflix that you can start enjoying right away.

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Sweet Tooth (Season 1, 2021- )

This Series about a deer boy is the latest positive surprise in the Netflix catalog, and we were  in need of one. it seems the platform has found its niche of comic book adaptations with more indie stories. A bright, charming and exciting version that addresses a plot of a  post-apocalyptic world and a lovable boy who's half-human and half-deer searching for a new beginning with a gruff protector. This is one of comic books master piece of 2021.


Lady's Gambit ( Season 1, 2020-)

Possibly the most unexpected hit in Netflix history. When it was released, back in October 2020, the platform just promoted this miniseries about an orphan girl and a chess prodigy who surprises the world with her skill while moving the tab against her addictions and personal problems. A delicacy that has launched Anya Taylor-Joy, its protagonist, to stardom.

Lupine ( Season. 1-2,  2021-)

The Series Lupine is a current inspiration that plays with constant parallels and updates that icon through the talent and corporeality of Omar Sy. A story of justice and revenge, including criticism of the immigrant stigma, which does not seek to be credible but rather steals the viewer's attention and affection with a truly entertaining game. You will enjoy this thriller.

Lucifer (Season 1-5, 2016-)

The creators of Californication are behind this series that takes a character from a Neil Gaiman comic, The Sandman, a sexy and irresistible devil who runs a club in Los Angeles. He starts off a bit hesitant, actually skirting cancellation on several occasions, but in recent seasons he has found a cheeky and very daring tone that has earned him a glorious second life on Netflix. And the truth is that Tom Ellis gives everything so that the protagonist continues to engage

The Serpent (1 season, 2021)

At first it looks a bit peculiar but the (positive) alarm went off when it became a real phenomenon . It is a BBC miniseries about the real case of a murderer who annihilated hippies in the 70s, in addition to a very bloody way. A fiction in the tone of a thriller that, in addition to engaging with that true crime vibe, focuses on dignifying forgotten victims. This is a real hit for fans of mystery genre Series.

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